Jane.com Haul Video

So…I get this mystery box in the mail from Jane.com with a challenge to come up with some wearable outfits with the mystery pieces. Let me think about that….CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! I’ve been trying to make it a point to post more wardrobe posts, and this little... read more

Toppings & Fillings: Don’t Let the Lion Eat You

TOPPINGS & FILLINGS || Where I parade my favorite wardrobe toppings and share about my feelings. FILLINGS FIRST Sometimes the Boss will send me an email now and then. Most of the time the email will be an article from ESPN or a video clip of someone making a goal... read more

A New Way to Use Purple Shampoo

If you have platinum blonde hair, let me introduce you to your new best friend: Purple Shampoo. I’m sure you’ve heard me talk about this product before, but the Naissant Blonde Pearl shampoo is my absolute favorite purple shampoo and here is why: It is the most... read more

Painting at the Mesa Arts Center

As a style blogger in a time when it’s an uphill battle to love yourself, I find myself getting asked for advice on building confidence and improving self esteem all the time. Rather than recommending a good smokey eye tutorial or referencing my favorite places... read more

Toppings & Feelings: 3 Reasons to Treat Yourself

TOPPINGS & FEELINGS || Where I parade my favorite wardrobe toppings and share about my fillings. Is it just a girl thing to be totally plagued by a constant craving for sweets and junk food, like white chocolate blondies and gourmet chocolate truffles (you know... read more

My Favorite Birthdays Ever!

If you are new to following me, you may not know that I have a specific tradition to help me celebrate my birthday every year and that is RAOK (Random Acts of Kindness). The main reason is because I find the act of getting and receiving gifts kind of, eh, ummm,... read more

Fall for Fringe

Guess what! last week I got to debut the very first Diamond Drop, and it did so well they put together a brand new style box this week. “Let’s see that again, Jerry!”  You better believe I am all about begging to get first dibs on this biz! My favorite thing about... read more

Eyebrow Rant

I recently did a broadcast on Periscope that was kind of my first rant video ever.  The scope was all about eyebrows, mean girls, and just my frustration with how negative the internet can be. It all started with a comment that was made on one of my Instagram posts.... read more

Fancy a Diamond Drop?

You know how I have gotten a little box happy lately? Oh right, you prob have a box addiction too bc they are the greatest ever! Say “Hello” to The Diamond Drop (TM), Cents of Style’s newest way to get their fun & fashion-forward accessories at... read more

Mystery Monday, Vol 17: All Healthy N’ Stuff

I have a secret. Well, maybe it’s not that secret. I have tattoos. And a lot of you caught a glimpse of the white ink tattoo on my foot a few weeks back in an Instagram and Facebook post. I’ve been pretty shy about sharing this part of my life. It’s so personal... read more

Tips for Applying Matte Lipstick

“Psst, you’ve got lipstick on your teeth. Wait, now it’s on your chin. Nope, that side. The other side.” End Scene. This, my friends, is why I love matte lipstick. You have seen me wear it a lot because matte lipsticks stay put longer than glosses and tend... read more

Platinum Blonde Touch-Up with Feria

You know when you run into Target at 9:47 pm and pray that you don’t see anybody you know because a.) Your hair looks just like it did when you got out of bed 16 hours ago. b.) You are most likely buying an obscene amount of Diet Dr. Pepper and candy. “Wait, what did... read more

Mystery Monday, Vol. 16: How to Act the Fool

Anybody want to see what happens when friends send you a custom made Whippy Cake doll? Hijinks and hilarity ensue in this week’s episode of Mystery Monday. This mini Whip is a scene stealer, I’m telling you. I think every grown girl needs a doll version of her current... read more

“The person that you will spend the most time with in your life is yourself, so better try to make yourself as interesting as possible.”

Read more

read more

Mystery Monday, Vol. 15: LIVE at Creative Live

I am doing something a little different this week for Mystery Monday. In this episode, you will be joining me LIVE at the Creative Live studios in Seattle. I had the honor of teaching a class about marketing your business on YouTube to talented entrepreneurs in a live... read more

Mystery Monday, Vol. 14: What’chu Want From Me

I will never forget my first “DTR,” or define the relationship talk. What a nightmare, right? Butterflies of excitement and the fear of disappointment stirring wildly in my stomach. I am sure that I am not the only one who practiced every possible outcome line by line... read more
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