Hi! I’m Becki, but my friends call me Whip.

We’re friends, right?

I’m a brand + business mentor, influencer, and stylist, with an abstract way of making women feel pretty on the inside and look pretty on the outside.


Over the past decade, I’ve established myself as the go-to girl for personal and photo styling. I started my company Whippy Cake in June 2008, and I’m passionate about helping brands, businesses, and individuals equip themselves with the resources and confidence they need to demonstrate their potential and prove that they are—without question—an undeniable force to be reckoned with.

Professionally speaking, one of my favorite things about my job is sharing what I know with others, and I  welcome every mentor and consulting opportunity, speaking engagement, creative class, conference, or convention as an opportunity to inspire and motivate entrepreneurs, professionals, and individuals. I’ve had the honor of speaking at the Altitude Summit in Salt Lake City and Icon15 at the Phoenix Convention Center.


You should also know that I’m occasionally impulsive, radically hopeful, and elaborately decorative in the way I talk and dress. I love to make lists, and I sometimes tend to over share.

  • I love being in front of the camera and making videos — I’m shy like that
  • I am a wannabe comedian (but at least I know I’m a bad comedian)
  • I’m a massive GIF lover – If can converse using only GIFs, then we are already BFFs
  • I may or may not be an organized hoarder – ok, definitely a hoarder
  • I’m the proud conductor of the HOT MESS EXPRESS (get the shirt HERE)
  • I love to hang out on Instagram and browse random hash tags (come follow me)
  • I’m the poster girl for Diet Dr. Pepper — sweet nectar of the gods
  • I love my Persian kitties — I’m one cat shy of achieving creepy cat lady status
  • I’m the ring leader of the #PixieParade — went pixie in 2011 and never looked back

See now, what did I tell you about lists and over sharing?




On a more intimate note, I’m an Arizona girl, and I live in this blazing state with my husband Bret (The Boss) and our 4 children: Kingston (the oldest and only boy, poor kid!), London (the creative junky), Dempsey (the golden ray of sunshine), and Ivory (the Determined one!). Family life provides a fun frenzy of challenges and adventures that keep us laughing and crying, all at the same time. I’m a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which has taught me the importance of serving others, the value of family, and the humility to rely on God.

I hope you have enjoyed getting to know me a little better! For a little more personal and behind the scenes action, you can keep in touch with me on Instagram and Facebook or watch me goof around on YouTube.

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