This post was created in partnership with Living Proof.

Are you ready for a real life tutorial? I  just got done partying it up in Portland with my mom and sisters – #girlstrip #momsgonewild! It seems like anytime I go somewhere slightly less dry than the scorching state of Arizona, my hair has a panic attack. My sleek, effortless look turns into attack of the flyaways with a side of baby hair sabotage. Portland's weather, although beautiful, has been no exception. Thankfully, I've been using Living Proof’s brand new Molding Clay along with some other Living Proof essentials from the newly re-launched Style Lab line to combat my rebellious hairs. Keep reading to find out how I did it!



All that is needed is a pea-sized amount of Molding Clay massaged in your fingers (almost as if you were rubbing in lotion). Once you’ve warmed up the clay, lightly smooth it over your hair where needed. Having the Molding Clay distributed evenly and lightly over your fingers keeps you from getting concentrated buildup or clumps of clay in your hair.


This little miracle worker doesn't weigh my hair down or dry it out; it perfectly holds all my little baby hairs in place. One of my favorite things about Molding Clay is that even if your mane gets a little wild throughout the day, all you have to do is run your fingers through it to smooth it back down or put it back into place. The product doesn't dry up like a gel or hairspray; it works with me throughout all my traveling madness (and by madness I mean two donut runs, three laps around downtown Portland, all the selfies, and hours in the biggest book store ever – this is serious business people). Also, unlike other hair wax or gel, Molding Clay doesn't clump, create flaky residue or leave your hair feeling crunchy. It is safe to say the Living Proof Molding Clay is one of my favorite products in my hair toolbox. Also, I had volume and body in my hair all day even though it was so humid thanks to the new Living Proof T.B.D. Multi-Tasking Styler (I used it on damp hair before I blow dried and curled but you can also use it on dry hair). T.B.D. Multi-Tasking Styler really does it all – it can be used to smooth, it can be used to tame, it can be used to deconstruct… How amazing that one product can do so much?

As a finishing touch, I like to spritz my hair with Flex Shaping Hairspray to give extra (flexible!) hold and texture. It really makes an amazing difference when you use the right hair product to get a hairstyle you can love but not fuss over. Welcome to #YourBestHair days ever.

Have you tried the new Molding Clay or any of the products in the newly re-launched Living Proof Style Lab line? What are your favorites?