Before my little internet break, I had some major requests asking about how I've been styling my hair this summer. I figured I should break my online silence and share my routine with you, and I have a feeling you will appreciate this one because it’s the easiest styling in the world—it works like a charm!

Summer has been super busy with all of my kids being home all the time, so I have far less time and attention to give to my hair. This is a huge reason I’ve opted to start using my newest Living Proof favorite—their new In-Shower Styler. This stuff is really different than any other product I've used because it’s applied while you are in the shower, and it helps your hair air-dry beautifully, helping to enhance your natural texture as well as give some extra body, softness, and shine!


Saving time getting ready is a big reason I’ve been air-drying my hair with the In-Shower Styler, but also because it’s hot as FRICK here in AZ! I mean, it got up to 120 here. Evil temperatures, I tell you, so there's a zero hot tool initiative happening around my house because it’s too fetching hot as it is. There ain’t nothing and no one needing to be adding to the heat situation right now.  Plus, using excessive heat on your hair can cause a lot of unwanted damage. Ok, you get it! Air-drying your hair is cool and good for you!

Using the In-Shower Styler is super easy, and I committed to a one-week air-dry challenge using this product to create some easy different looks. To use, first I shampoo and condition my hair like normal with PhD Shampoo and Conditioner. Next, I apply a dollop of the In-Shower Styler from the roots to the ends of my hair after I’ve rinsed out the shampoo and conditioner.

After it is all applied, I will rinse it lightly with cool water. You still want to be able to feel a bit of the product in your hair, but not so much that your hair will feel heavy. NOTE: Your hair will feel like silky heaven at this point. When I get out of the shower, I towel dry my hair as much as I can.

So during this air-dry challenge, I found a few favorite ways to style my hair to share with you.


Since I have naturally straight hair, I can just get out of the shower, add some leave-in conditioner or serum to my ends, comb it straight, and let it dry. My hair can dry pretty darn straight when I use the In-Shower Styler, so I love that I don’t need to do a thing when it dries. This product would also work great if you have wavy hair, helping to enhance your natural wave and giving it that extra oomph.


When I want more volume and texture in my hair, I do these really, and I mean REALLY, easy heatless waves. After using the In-Shower Styler on my wet hair in the shower, I towel dry my hair, add some leave in conditioner or serum (this helps even more with frizzies), and then I comb and let my hair air dry about 80% of the way so it’s barely damp.

Next, I take 3 or 4 big sections of hair and twist the hair from root to ends. To give more volume and variation, I make sure the twists are super loose and inconsistent. Messier twists gives more of a natural wave as opposed to super uniform looking waves.

I leave the twists in my hair while it dries the rest of the way, and I do something else like put on my makeup or eat breakfast.

When my hair is all the way dry (zero dampness), I take out the rubber bands holding in the twists, and then I just tousle my hair. I sometimes finish it off with Living Proof’s Dry Volume Blast for extra texture and volume, but it usually doesn’t need much for a finished look.



By day two or three of my heatless waves style, I typically will want some variation, so I have been wearing my hair in a casual half up ponytail. I almost giggle a little at this because a half ponytail is so old school and easy and yet I get the most compliments when I wear my hair like this! I just super loosely collect my hair half up, but I don’t comb it or try to make it smooth—the messier the better. I tie in a rubber band so the ponytail sits just about the crown of my head and then I tug on a few strands of hair around my face so they frame my face. I will even loosen some strands in the ponytail to make it more messy and loose. And that’s seriously it. So easy, but it’s my favorite summer busting hairstyle.


So if you bump into me at Target, chances are I’ll be wearing my hair one of these three ways. I highly recommend letting your hair air-dry at least once or twice a month just for the healthy hair benefits (and to save time getting ready!). I hope these tips + In-Shower Styler help you do it!

What kinds of air-dried styles would you want to try?

This post is sponsored by Living Proof, but all opinions are my own.