I am SO PSYCHED to be headed to Atlanta tomorrow to present at PINNERS CONFERENCE, and the double bonus is I will have a booth there too so we can hang out and even snuggle if you want. 😉 And if you do wanna come, be sure to use promo code “WHIPPY” when you register so you can get 10% OFF your ticket.

Pinners is one of those events I have vowed never to miss, which is why I spoke in Texas, Arizona, and Utah last year. It's unlike any other event, and I think it's just one of those things you can't quite comprehend until you actually go. Here's a little video teaser of the shopping expo and classes just to give you a glimpse. See if you can spy a pink hair Whippy!


This year Pinners Conference kicks off in Atlanta Georgia, which happens this weekend, April 21-22! I've been so busy with baptisms, Easter, backyard projects, and family stuff that I almost forgot to post about it, so hopefully, it's not too late for some of you Georgia girls because I am teaching THREE classes in Atlanta!

My Girl in Progress class—Confidence Loadingstill has spots open for anyone wanting a motivational confidence kick in the pants. I will be coming with many secret prizes and freebies, plus the class is really jam packed with the important things that are gonna make you fall in love with yourself, but not in like a self-absorbed, vapid kind of way—the good, happy kind of way!

My Hair-apy class and my Makeup class are both already SOLD OUT, but they always have a standby line in case ticket holders don't show up, and so there's still a chance you can get in. Those two classes are crammed pack full of knowledge too. You can sign up for my classes HERE or just get a ticket to the shopping expo if you don't feel like taking classes. Either way, if you use promo code “WHIPPY” when you register, you will get 10% OFF your ticket.

Not only will I be teaching at PINNERS, but this year I will ALSO be having a booth where I will be doing mini makeovers and color matching with Maskcara products and Bubble Blenders, plus I will have some fun giveaways and FREEBIES! Come by and say “Hi” if you can make it! I would LOVE to meet you, and of course, the whole things is gonna be epic fun—I will make sure of that! !

<<This was my booth last year at Pinners Conference in Arizona >>

If you're not near Atlanta, no worries! Here are FUTURE PINNERS CONFERENCES & locations.

DALLAS TEXAS September 29th & 30th