This outfit is dark and gray just like my mood. Haha. Just kidding, but not really. #hidesface
comfy sweater

Oh man, I’ve been disengaged from the internet world for several weeks, and I honestly am not even sure how to dip my toe back into this world. I debated on how much to share or open up about, but the reality is life, and sometimes there are positive amazing things to share and sometimes there is just kinda yucky downer stuff. It is what it is.

I spent my spring break in Utah visiting friends and family. It was heavy laden with sad news and more sad news. The first day of our trip we learned that London’s sweet darling friend died in a car accident, and it’s, of course, just the most devastating thing that can happen to people you care about so much.

Two days later I got to my parents' house, and it was shortly announced after that they are getting a divorce after 43 years of marriage. We had planned to spend our spring break with my parents, which was really bitter sweet for me. I was so glad I could be there to help support and love my parents through this hard transition and help my mom pack up her whole life to move down here to Arizona, but it’s also just the saddest way to spend my last visit to both of my parents in Midway. I’ve been wondering if Midway will ever be the same sanctuary it has been these past years.

Oh yah, and then there is the bit where my dad decided to up and have a heart attack during all of the moving and commotion. What the heck, life? One trial at a time, please! He ended up having surgery, and he is doing 100% better. You almost would never believe that anything happened, but it was a fierce little scare there for several days.

So this past weekend me and my family toted my mom home to good ol’ sunny Arizona with her UHaul and have been finishing off the week and spring break with the flu and all manner of bodily fluids.

I know this blog post must read like the biggest sob story ever. I’ll hold while you call the waaah-mbulance. But really, even after all that has been happening, I feel somewhat ok and hopeful about everything. I’m not in the corner of the room in the fetal position, but I ultimately decided to open up about my 3 week internet absence for a few reasons.

  1. It doesn’t help anyone to only post the happy perfect things in life. Things can get really hard, and sometimes you just need to check out from the less important things and that’s ok. Ew. Did I just admit my life isn't perfect? JK, no shock there.
  2. Stepping back from the rest of my life and even social media has afforded me a lot of perspective and even gratitude for all that I have, and I hope to come back to my blog and feed with fresh eyes and purpose.
  3. Ain’t nothing gonna' keep me down for long. Although things have been rough, a little heavy, and down right hugging the dark side, I am choosing not to live in that space. I don’t want to adopt a victim mentality as if my life is so hard and all of this is “happening to me.” Hard things happen to everyone, and the people who come out on top are the people who look for ways to grow and improve from the crappy stuff. I am working on the growing and improving part right now.
So that’s my spring break recap, I guess. I hope, if anything, you take from this post is that you aren’t alone—all of us are facing hard things. If we can support each other and push each other through it, then we all win. Which reminds me, i just love you! Thanks so much for being here!

PS. These pics were taken in St. George, Utah, pre-spring break turmoil, but I thought the dark and moody pics fit this post. Catch all the outfit details in the bottom of the post.

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