I feel compelled to let you in on one of my newest little holiday secrets I've been using to get a little extra help fighting stress during the craziness that can come from the holidays. I've partnered with Rescue to tell you about this, and I feel like this partnership couldn't have come at a better time for me because when I was introduced to Rescue products, I was honestly praying for something to help me process stress a little bit. And then—no joke—I got an email just a day or two later, and I was like “YES! Whatever it is, I need it!” Ha ha.


I think the holidays can get stressful for anyone. I mean, you have all of the extra expenses of presents and decorations and traveling, plus coordinating different concerts, parties, activities, and basically all of the holiday things that Pinterest has pressured us into thinking we need. Add on two of my kids' birthday parties, a huge church Christmas party, and running my own business full time—you could say my stress levels have been off the charts.

And for me, I don't like to express my stress verbally or emotionally (because I probably wouldn't be able to pull myself together again if I let any out 😉 ), so I tend to clench my jaw and collect all of the tension in my neck and shoulders. So stress isn't just draining for me, it's actually physically painful at times. (Wahhh! I'm sorry for whining!). Totally not meaning this to be a pity party because I don't feel sorry for myself one bit.

But hopefully, you can start to see why I was overly enthusiastic to be connected with Rescue and their products to see what relief it might be able to offer me.


So here's what I've found while paying attention to my stress patterns and habits: I have two somewhat self-sabotaging habits. #hidesfaceinshame

1. I tend to work pretty late every night because when kids and the world are all sleeping, and there are no distractions, it's like my powerhouse hour to dominate and get things done. The downside to this power hour is that when I wanna' be done and finally get some sleep, I am usually wired with ideas and can't calm my mind and momentum, so I toss and turn for another hour or two. Yikes!

2. Midway through the day, I basically have a full on mental and physically energy crash, obviously due to the previously mentioned late night work sessions.  I'm talking black hole vacuum suck of energy when I really need to be focused and alert for meetings and shoots.

So yeah, I have kind of been working in a vicious cycle and am totally and completely frustrated  by the whole thing.

And now I tell you the part where I believe in miracles and tender mercies because if Bach Rescue hadn't reached out, I'd probably still be frustrated, but instead, I've found an all-natural remedy that's been helping me beat issues #1 and #2. #celebrate!

So here's what I've been using! When it's nighttime, and I need my rapid fire thoughts to calm the heck down, I take Rescue Sleep Liquid Melts, which are the tiniest little orb capsule you've ever seen. It doesn't knock me out or make me feel loopy or groggy, it just makes me calm and helps me go to sleep without even trying. And when I wake up, I feel AWESOME! No joke, amaze!

But wait—it gets better! During the day before my afternoon crash, I use Rescue Plus, which is a stress complex with B vitamins. I just dissolve it in water and sip it, and I get this very natural boost of energy which I feel really helps with my focus and clarity. It tastes very mild and sweet and not at all weird or icky. Almost liked flavored water drops, but not as strong.

Fight the holiday stress with something yummy and natural

Fight the holiday stress with something yummy and natural

Ok, holy cow! I rambled on forever, but honestly, just thought you might appreciate an introduction to an awesome natural option to give you a little protection against the holiday stress. It's made all the difference to me, so I hope it's something that will help you too no matter the reason you feel stressed. Oh! And it might be helpful to tell you where you can buy some… they have a handy store locator to find it near you.  Thanks for taking the time to come read along today!