WHAT UP, UTAH!  I hope you are ready for me because I am ready to party at Pinners (Salt Lake City edition)! And when I say “party,” I mean teach some fun classes and shop 'til my wallet quits on me. Pinners has hands down become one of my favorite events to teach at because I get to meet you face to face, and it's honestly the best part of my job. And also the shopping. And if you haven't gotten tickets yet, you can use the promo code “WHIPPYCAKE” to get 10% off your ticket. #BFFhookup
The shopping is out of control awesome, and I love that I get to find new small businesses to follow and support. I did a little pre-pinners snooping to scope out the vendor lineup in Salt Lake City this weekend and wanted to highlight some of the ones I am super excited to investigate in person.
Here are just a few of some new to me shops as well some lifelong favorites that already have the Whippy Cake stamp of  “I need one of everything from your booth” approval.

Holbrook Candle //

You can find them at holbookcandle.com and on Instagram at @holbrookcandleco. Am I the only one who becomes a straight up candle hoarder this time of year? I'm serious. You can never have enough. It's a fact. I'm excited to add a couple of these candles to my collection. These soy candles are handmade and are only made in small batches. There's no denying that high-quality candles are worth it. img_0757 attachment-1

Piper Finn //

You can find them at piperfinn.com and on Instagram at @piperfinnfootwear. HOLY HECK! These sell themselves. Could you die? Because I'm dead. The ONLY bad thing I can think of when it comes to Piper Finn is that they don't come in my size. This children's footwear line is 100% genuine leather and 180% adorable. How many pairs is too many? Trick question because you could never have enough. img_7247

Ivy City //

You can find them at ivycityco.com and on Instagram at @ivycityco. My wardrobe needs a major revamp, so I am excited about all the clothing vendors that will be attending Pinners. Ivy City is a clothing shop I cannot wait to stop by. I seriously am so excited to get some new fall and winter pieces here! Seriously though, such a beautiful collection of clothes! chelsea_fabrizio_this220922878776888-14 chelsea_fabrizio_3-105

Shop Lulu Roo //

You can find them shopluluandroo.com and on Instagram at @shopluluandroo. Lulu and Roo has been a favorite of mine for about a year. I got my daughter an outfit from here over a year ago and it has been a favorite. Like a crowd favorite. I can't bring her in public wearing her Lulu Roo without getting stopped by a couple of people demanding details. I don't blame them! Everything is perfect, and I am so excited to add goodies to my L&R stash! So, so good. luluandroomay-9030

Kingdom and State //

You can find them at kingdomandstate.com and on Instagram at @kindomandstate. This is a clothing store I have had my eye on for awhile. It is pretty obvious why! This brand and company is perfection. I really feel like they are a good match for my style and I'm so excited to see their pieces in person! Gahhh, I am so excited! 3 cheers for Kingdom and State and 4 cheers for my new wardrobe. check-peplum-top tie-front-dresses

Plum and Sparrow //

You can find them plumandsparrow.com and on Instagram at @plumandsparrow. I am completely and utterly on board with the handwoven trend that is happening right now. I am obsessed. Plum and Sparrow have some of the most beautiful woven pieces I have seen. So beautiful! They hit the nail on the head! I don't want. I NEED! plumandsparrowii-25 palmshopper

Vint Au //

You can find them at vintau.com and on Instagram at @vintaushop. This shop really stands out for me—they might be one of my first shopping stops. I want everything. Guys, really though, I want every.single.thing. Is that bad or good? I am going to go with good but it is very dangerous. Their pieces are so unique and amazing! Just incredible. Round of applause and standing ovation. image3 image1

Copper Theory //

You can find them at  www.coppertheory.com and on Instagram at @shopcoppertheory. This clothing shop has some incredible fall and winter pieces that have me looking identical to the heart-eyed emoji. And the prices of this shop are very reasonable too! Which is a huge plus for me! I have my fingers crossed they will have some of their shoes at their Pinners booth too because I am in love with so many pairs! I already love you, Copper Theory!oct24-madison-36 oct24-madison-40
GIMME EVERYTHING! Being an experienced Pinners attendee, I know the shopping can be overwhelming. With tons of vendors, it is easy to forget some. But PLEASE do yourself a favor and seek these shops out. I know you won't regret it!  I hope you have fun, and please, please, please come say hi if you see me!