The other day I ran out of the leave in conditioner I use regularly after I wash and towel dry my hair. Then I realized I probably had the ingredients to make my own handmade leave in conditioner, and the one that I came up with is quite possibly even better than the store bought stuff I had been using because I added a secret ingredient! I put together a little tutorial to share my DIY leave in conditioner recipe with you so you can follow along and make your own.
Here is a recap of the ingredients and the steps to make your own DIY purple leave in conditioner.


// STEPS //


  • The Naissant purple conditioner is sulfate free and parabin free which means it’s going to neutralize brassy tones in your hair but it won’t dry out, damage, or strip your hair of artificial colors.
  • The Cacay Oil is an extremely concentrated source of Vitamin E and is very hydrating, so if you have dry or chemically treated hair like mine, your hair will LOVE this. You’’ll also get hair repair benefits and added shine when you use Cacay Oil.


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