I get asked about my favorite products all of the time and especially my favorite skin care and anti-aging products. I have been wanting to make a new video on my skin care routine for a long time, but then I recently changed up the products I was using, and it newly motivated me to put a video together. So in this video, you are gonna learn about a newer skin care line from Rain International called Revri. This line is all seed-based and the only one of its kind. You’re also going to get schooled in skin care 101 on some things you probably never knew about skin care products, but I have a feeling it might open your eyes a little to what exactly you should look for in a good quality product. This video is a little longer (but not that long!) than usual because it’s seriously jammed pack full of helpful information, so buckle up.



  • Revri is the only seed-based skin care line of its kind
  • It’s 100% all natural / no synthetic ingredients
  • It was developed at the molecular level to ensure the most potency and efficacy in the deepest layers of your skin
  • It’s made up of plant stem cells, Phytonutrients, and liposomes
  • It’s paraben free and sulfate free
  • It’s dermatologist tested
  • It’s cruelty free
  • It’s vegan and organic
  • It’s awesome 😉

As I mention in the video, I have been using it for over a month or so now, and it’s not like anything I’ve used before. Because it’s sold as a set, it’s more pricey then what I might normally pay for skin care, but then when I broke down how much I was paying for my old cleanser, eye serum, and moisturizer individually, I realized it’s not that much more expensive than what I was paying. But yes, full transparency, I am aware the price point is a bit high, but for me, skin care isn’t one of those things I skimp on, and the technology behind this skin care line makes it worth it.

You might also like to know that there is an option to become a PREFERRED customer which will get you 30% OFF plus it will auto ship AND auto charge you every month so your monthly supply comes every month until you decide to cancel, which you can do at anytime. In other words, if you become a preferred customer, you’re essentially getting a monthly subscription of Revri with a 30% discount with the option to cancel anytime.

If you have questions for me about Revri or how I use it, just leave them for me in a comment below. I always reply to my comments because, well, I guess I’m chatty.