I feel like it’s been far too long since I have bragged about The Boss, aka my man, aka my husband, and baby daddy, aka Bret. The thing is, people give me far too much credit when it comes to what I do and how well I do it.  He is behind the scenes keeping things organized and functional in our family, and he is the axis that keeps our family priorities in line. Aside from his full time job as a accountant/consultant, his other full time job is being a super dad and mega babe husband which includes, but is not limited to, all sorts of household tasks, emotional cheerleader, budget expert, school tutor, ESPN connoisseur, home renovator, back massager, comedian and entertainer, athletic coach, art teacher, landscaper, chef, and well…you probably get the idea. He is the rock and foundation of our home, and one of the biggest reasons I am able to accomplish so much, and I was just feeling like maybe he deserved a little shout out and long overdue praise and adoration.
looks for him
So before you go thinking that I have all my stuff together, just remember that I only function and exceed at anything because I consume offensive amounts of Diet Dr. Pepper and because I have the BEST partner and sidekick who makes me look cooler than I really am. And also, can we all please make a big deal that he even let me dress him and take pics of him for this post even though, like most men, he hates posing for photos! Thank you for being a good sport, babe. ❤️ I had picked out new shoes for him from Dillard's because Børn came out with these Mellick boots, and so that kind of inspired the rest of the look. The pants and belt are from Dillard’s, also, and the super rad tie is from Dazi.
looks for him looks for himlooks for him
Anyway, thanks for letting me share the spotlight on my guy and be a little mushy gushy. Everyone of us needs at least one person who pushes us and holds us up. Who is your rock and cheerleader?