First impressions aren't always accurate. More often than not, love at first sight turns into disappointment. However, this was not the case with my new HP Spectre. In fact, I have fallen even more in love with her than I was when HP introduced me to her in the beginning.
gold and black laptop - hp spectre perfect laptop for bloggers + thinnest laptop on the world - @hp #hpspectre
Of course, Lady Spectre is insanely pretty. Her beautiful features and sleek physique are obviously appealing. In fact, she is so pretty that I always get complimented whenever I use her in public. She's the best conversation starter! But what has really been the best part of this long-term relationship is how the HP Spectre encourages and enhances my creativity. I have creativity flowing through my veins—I always have since I was a little girl, and exercising my creativity has gotten me to where I am today. Using a device that not only allows me to be as creative as I want, but also boosts my creativity, is a game changer. Let me explain.
perfect laptop for bloggers + thinnest laptop on the world - @hp #hpspectre perfect laptop for bloggers + thinnest laptop on the world - @hp #hpspectre
The HP Spectre is FAST! It takes a lot to keep up with Whippy Cake.  😉 My mind is constantly going approximately 714mph, so having a device that can keep up with me is a pretty big deal. Slow technology is a creativity buzz kill, and there's nothing worse than being on a creative high and have that high come crashing down because of slow technology. Madam Spectre is zippy and responsive, and I appreciate having someone dependable like her.
gold and black laptop - hp spectre gold and black laptop - hp spectre
The Spectre allows multitasking! While my creative process can be fast moving, it can also be sporadic. Luckily, that is something my little pretty friend can handle with ease. When I am in a creative mode, I usually have multiple apps and pages opened at the same time. The Spectre always lays this out so nicely and creates the perfect layout in order to multitask. To some, multitasking might seem unproductive and hectic, but I am grateful I have good friends (like Miss Spectre). She gets me and supports the madness to my method.
gold and black laptop - hp spectre
I can't give enough kudos to Miss Spectre for fulfilling my creative needs. She really is the whole package—brains AND beauty. I love her for it!