I know I've already officially welcomed boot weather in my post last week, but I couldn’t not post this perfect AZ fall outfit. And yes, I do know that it is October and that most places are starting to bundle up, but Arizona has PERFECT sundress weather right now, and I’m dying over this blue little thing. And since it is technically fall, I decided that the right thing to do is to pair it with my favorite brown leather ankle boots. That makes it a fall outfit, right? I also love how simple this dress is. It can be paired and accessorized in so many different ways! I went with a more classic/minimalist vibe to match the beautiful architecture behind me… OBVIOUSLY! Who doesn’t match their outfits to houses?!?! OK, I promise I didn’t actually do that on purpose, but I DO still love the dress and all the perfect simplicity it brings with it. This is definitely a dress that can be worn all year round. You can throw it on in the summer with some suede lace up sandals and a summer hat, or you can take it all the way to winter and pair it with these polka dot tights.  So there you have it folks… the perfect summer-to-fall sundress in the most perfect shade of blue! I included all of the links to what I have on (just for you), so scroll on down below the photos to get the goods.

Fall style, the Arizona way ;) Fall style, the Arizona way ;)

PSSSSST! If you are digging this blue dress as much as me, feel free to share this look on Pinterest! XOXO.

Fall style, the Arizona way ;) Fall style, the Arizona way ;) Fall style, the Arizona way ;) Fall style, the Arizona way ;)


Boho Swing Dress // Old Navy
Suede Foldover Crossbody Bad // Old Navy
Ankle Boots // Target
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