Without a doubt, some of the most frequently asked questions I get are about purple shampoo. But is it weird that I love talking about it? So I don't mind all the questions! Purple shampoo is a pretty important part of my beauty routine and probably THE most important step to keep my hair the whitish/gray color it is. I love it and am pretty passionate about it. So today I thought I would hit a couple of birds with one stone and make a video to answer FAQs I get about purple shampoo! Let me know if you have anymore questions, and I will be happy to answer them.

// Here is a list of questions I will be answering in this video //

– Does it work on light brown hair?
– Does the purple shampoo dry out your hair?
– When I use purple shampoo and wash it out am I able to still wash my hair with regular shampoo?
– Do you have to use it on clean hair?
– Does it work on grey hair?
– Does it tone highlights?
– Will it make my hair oily?
– How do i get the best result on my long hair without wasting product?
– What if my roots are a different color than my ends?
– What if it stains my hair purple?
– How many times a week should I use the shampoo/conditioner?
– Will any purple shampoo work or is this the best one?


Check out the before and after effects of using Naissant Purple Shampoo and Conditioner!
the best purple shampoo


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 the best purple shampoo
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PS: Thank you in advance for sharing this video because friends don't let friends have yellow hair.