So I have talked about my growing relationship with a pretty little HP Spectre laptop both when we first met and about our creative duo. When HP first introduced me to the Spectre, I was obsessed with her design. I didn't even have to use her, I just looked at her and I was sold on her beauty. What was not to love? Her color palette was on point, and she's one of the thinnest laptops in the world. The luxury look and her architectural details are just straight eye candy. Simply put, Miss Spectre's design is perfection.
 gold and black laptop - hp spectre
But her looks are only the beginning, and that’s a good thing, because a pretty computer is pretty useless if you can’t actually use it to get some work done. Not to worry—not long after my first few days with my HP Spectre, I learned this friend of mine isn't all beauty, she is brains too! A 6th generation intel core i processor, 2×2 wifi antenna, PCIe-based SSD storage, and three multi-use USB Type-C™ ports which all support charging, high-speed data transfer, and external displays are just a couple of the features to geek out about. She's the best! Plus, she enhances and encourages my creative process, which is HUGE. My love for her only grew more and more as I got familiar with everything about her.
perfect laptop for bloggers + thinnest laptop on the world - @hp #hpspectre
So where are we now? The Spectre goes everywhere with me. If I am headed out my door, I have my Diet Dr. Pepper, my purse, my keys, my sunglasses, and Miss Spectre. If I am at a business meeting, she is there. She's my carry-on during flights. Oh, you see me at Barnes and Noble or Starbucks working? Yeah, that's my skinny little Spectre with me. Where I go, she goes. The HP Spectre has become part of my everyday life as a #BossGirl and as a mom.
perfect laptop for bloggers + thinnest laptop on the world - @hp #hpspectreon gold and black laptop - hp spectre perfect laptop for bloggers + thinnest laptop on the world - @hp #hpspectre
Speaking of best friends, if you want to learn how to be a super cool friend, you can just model after little Miss Spectre. She is responsive, reliable, pretty, smart, zippy, and willing to go anywhere with me. What more could you ask for in a friend? The point is that the HP Spectre is just as amazing and exciting several months after getting her as she was when HP first introduced us.
gold and black laptop - hp spectre gold and black laptop - hp spectre
I can honestly recommend this laptop as a fantastic working companion.  I know I couldn’t be happier, and it would be pretty hard to convince me to switch to anything less striking, lightweight, and brilliant as this machine.