I have a new hair tutorial with a twist—ok, it’s a twist hair tutorial. OMG, I do not know what is with me and puns lately. #Yikes. Anyway. I cal this the Pie Twist because the hair sections are shaped like yummy pies. I know, my creativity and imagination know no bounds!

// 3 reasons why you should love this hair tutorial //

  1. You don’t need to know how to braid or have any hair experience to be able to do it.
  2. It’s the perfect hairstyle to conceal funky bangs during the grow out phase.
  3. If you live somewhere hot or muggy or BOTH (friggin monsoon season!), then this style is like heaven for the limp-hair-sticking-to-your-forehead situation.
I recommend watching the tutorial and then practicing on a friend or child asap so you can get the hang of it by the time you try this hairstyle out on yourself. Or, if your home life is anything like mine and you have barbie bodies sprinkling your house like a birthday cake, then you can practice on a doll. I wear this style on myself a lot, but I particularly LOVE it on my 7yo Lo because she has some wicked baby hairs along her hairline and this style does pretty well to constrain them. If you try this look and post it be sure to tag me with #whippycake so I can see how it turns out.

PSSSSST! Hey! If you like this tutorial, do me a huge favor and share it. I appreciate you so much! XOXO.
twisted hair tutorial - SO EASY!