There was a lot of interest in my denim top from my #GirlinProgress video this Monday, so I thought I’d turn it into a weekend wardrobe post! As part of this post, I have a message I need to scream on top of a mountain for the world to hear…. “I FOUND THE PERFECT PAIR OF WHITE SKINNY JEANS!” Whew. That felt good to get off my chest. It just did not feel right keeping this secret all to myself. But really, guys. Soft, stretchy, not see through and (I will just say it) they make my butt look good! Do you need more convincing? I will say, though, they are not white-white, more of an ivory, but I personally like that.

And, how fun is this top? It’s an Arizona top for sure because you get a lot of air flow if you catch my drift. Eh? But really, it’s a simple top but still fancy. So anyway, I just wanted to share a couple of my latest summer finds with you and I’ve included all the outfit details + links below the photos.

PS: If you are digging on my hairstyle, I know a guy. Actually, I just know a girl who does it. It’s me, I did it, and I conveniently have a tutorial [HERE]  if you wanna try it.

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summer denim top


Denim Dress // Macy’s
Ivory Pants // Forever21
Hoop Earrings // Forever21
Quarter Strap Wedges // Target
Concho Wrap Bracelet // Free People