Let's see what we have here… A pretty simple outfit. But I am simply obsessed! Does anyone's closet look like a stripe monster of some sort threw up on it? Because mine does, and I love it! GIVE ME ALL THE STRIPES! But the real stand out of this outfit is the accessories. I’m wearing a Fawn Design bag, #SHOCKER, and then my new marble sunnies (I repeat… MARBLE SUNNIES), a simple necklace, and cute sandals? Game over. I'm done. Anyway, just wanted to share this casual outfit for the weekend because school just started, and I don’t think I could handle anything fancy or fussy right now. Just give me some loose stretchy clothes and everyone will stay unharmed. LOL. I linked everything I am wearing below for easy access! XOXO

marble sunnies casual-friday2 marble sunglasses! casual-friday4 casual-friday5PSSSSSST! Thanks so much for sharing this post! casual outfit #weekendwardrobe marble sunglasses! casual-friday9


Sunglasses // ASOS
Striped T-Shirt Dress // Forever21
Fairfax High Rise Jeans // Forever21
Backpack Bag // Fawn Design
Quarter Strap Platform Sandals // Target
Necklace // Cents of Style