I am excited to share a new perspective on my studio makeover progress through a quick lil’ video. If you have been following along with the progress of my studio, you know I partnered with one of my favorite brands, World Market. You can see part 1 and part 2 if you missed them.


In the video, I share 3 tips I used while creating a smaller but very functional space. I know it is a common problem to have a little space that needs to serve big purposes.  For the third and final tip, I would advise to “choose versatile pieces.”

// 3 Tips for Styling a Studio  //

#1. Think outside the box: I was able to channel my creativity and thought of ways to incorporate a few kitchen items that served both functional and visual purposes like the marble lazy Susan and the Himalayan salt tray.  I loved doing this because they are unique but easy on the eyes.
#2. Choose versatile pieces: If you are anything like me, I love changing things up. However, my bank account and the boss do not always allow me to go buy new things every couple of months. By choosing versatile pieces that are easy to move around, like the bi-cast leather chairs, I knew I could change up the feel and look of the room without having to redo it.
#3 Keep it clean: Sometimes, less is more! I only chose a couple of decorating details to keep the space clutter free but made them worth it! The mini succulents and the dipped gold glasses make a statement  but don’t overwhelm the space.


  1. Bi-Cast Leather Rhett Cantilever Chair // c  http://bit.ly/1WvMdPm
  2. Himalayan Salt-Plate // http://bit.ly/1TALiuq
  3. White Marble Lazy Susan //  http://bit.ly/1WXRy2t
  4. Faux Cowhide Throw Pillow //  http://bit.ly/1QFBYB5
  5. Mini Succulent Pots //  http://bit.ly/1XYkSnF
  6. Gold Stemless Glasses //   http://bit.ly/1VXrUMn
I really hope you dig these tips so they can help you on your next space makeover, and I’ve included a super handy widget to help you find all the pieces I used in my room. So what is your favorite part about the space? Mine has to be either the bi-cast chairs, or the Himilayan salt tray, or you know, just the entire room! ?
PSSSSST! Thanks so much for sharing this post. It means so much to me! <3