SO. MANY. BEAUTY. PRODUCTS. I get it, I really do! There are MILLIONS of products out there. I know I recommend different beauty products all the time as I am passionate about inner and outer beauty. However, it can become a lot, right? Not to mention expensive. That's why I wanted to share a fun video with DIY beauty recipes! They are fun, simple, easy, and, most importantly, effective recipes that will benefit your skin and get you all beautiful! (Not that you need help in that department, you gorgeous people you!).

The best part is that the 3 recipes all have one of my all-time favorite products, Cacay Oil, as the main ingredient. I have featured it before, and you can learn about it here if you want to be in the loop. But basically, Cacay Oil is magic. Like Harry Potter status! Plus, how awesome is it that you can take one product and use it for so many things? Anyway, the next best thing about these recipes is that the other ingredients are all ones you most likely have around your house. If not, they are pretty basic and inexpensive. I hope you guys enjoy these DIY beauty recipes as much as I do! PS: They make great gifts too!


Make-up Remover Pads:
– Baby Shampoo
– Water
Shaving Butter:
– Baby Shampoo
– Conditioner
– Cream/Butter Lotion
– Coconut Oil
Body Scrub:
– Sugar (I used Truvia and pure coconut sugar)
– Coconut Oil
– Himalayan Pink Salt
– Fresh Citrus
PSSSSSST! Thanks so much for sharing this post! <3
best DIY beauty recipes