For this #MotivationMonday, I wanted to shine some light on two basic realities pertaining to self confidence.

Reality #1: As females, whether you like to admit it or not, we all want to feel confident. And the truth is, we should absolutely want to be confident! After all, confident people are healthier and recover from stress and sickness quicker, have more energy and motivation, have stronger emotional relationships, have longer romantic relationships, pick up new skills and talents easier, are more likely to have a career they love, and they even have higher earning potential. Having confidence doesn’t just make you more likable, it makes your whole life more well rounded, fulfilled, and enjoyable. Uh, yes, I will have an extra scoop of confidence with my day, please. Thank you!

Reality #2: As females, we are likely to spend more time on DIY projects in our home than we are to spend on personal development rituals that actually will build our confidence. Maybe that’s because facing your inner self and thinking through all the inner feels is just kinda' awkward and #EW. Instead, we resort to surface behaviors that make us “think” we are more confident, but in actuality, these behaviors damage our confidence and self-esteem.Yep, that means you quite possibly are hurting yourself more than you are helping your confidence.

I talk more about this in the video below, but the premise of this video was inspired by a quote I read from Amy Cuddy where she says:

“ A confident person — knowing and believing in her identity — carries tools, not weapons.”



As I talked about in the video, whether it’s innate or learned behavior, at one point in your life you have probably said something bad about someone else out of insecurities. We’ve been lead to believe that pointing out flaws in someone else will somehow make us look better, that by making someone else feel terrible about themselves we will somehow feel amazing. As if there was some law of limited confidence that says that only one out of two people can have confidence, so if you want it, then you better take it from the other person. Sadly, the real truth is that when you try to take confidence from someone else, you unwittingly rob yourself of it too.

You will never feel better about yourself by making someone else feel terrible, so my challenge for you this week is to arm yourself with tools of confidence and put away your weapons of words. Wield your own confidence by lifting others, working on yourself, and at the very least, SMILE! It will make you and everyone who sees you feel lucky they get to be your friend!

PSSSSST. Thanks for sharing this video! ❤️ XOXO