I am feeling so inspired by the progress made on my studio and very appreciative to World Market for sponsoring this post. I’m so excited, I could potentially even break into song. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Since I have made some major progress on my studio makeover, I wanted to share an update with some photos of the latest improvements. I mean, ripping out the kitchenette and old flooring was a HUGE change, but now that I have some new furniture in there, it’s starting to feel like my space. Finding something you love online and having it turn out even better in person is the best feeling. I implemented a bunch of the stuff I picked out on my mood board, and after mixing it with some pieces I already had, and moving everything around precisely 23 times, I finally found a configuration that just fit the vibe I was going for. I wasn’t sure how the room would unfold because I didn’t have a specific layout in mind when I started, but I have to say, I am really happy so far!

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One of the reasons I like the layout is because it’s so versatile and functional. I shoot a lot of photos and videos in my studio, and all of the furniture and accent pieces I chose are lightweight and easy to move around when I need the space. I also love that I now have a bunch of pieces I can alternate and use in future videos and projects. Talk about a double win!


Bi-Cast Leather Rhett Cantilever Chair // Completely pleased with the urban look, and they are shockingly comfortable!
 Himalayan Salt-Plate //I might be a weirdo for using a cooking tray for decoration, but I die over the texture of this plate! It’s the perfect foundation for displaying something pretty.
White Marble Lazy Susan // This is only $14.99! Straight up getting one for EVERY room. So cool and functional, it’s a yes.
Faux Cowhide Throw Pillow // Had to add some print, but didn’t want it to overpower the space, and this really hits the spot!
Mini Succulent Pots // I can’t get over how precious and real these look, definitely need more of these for the rest of my house too.
Gold Stemless Glasses // Because no drinky, no worky!

I don’t want to drone on about how happy this room makes me, but I have definitely been dreaming of having a space just like this since before we even started looking for a new house. Now I have a big open studio and all the pieces are starting to fit together and the new pretties from World Market are the frosting AND the cherry on top of it all. OK, I’m done. Now, who wants to come over and chill while we sip on DDP?