A few weeks backed, I shared my NOPE shirt design and announced I would be inviting some people I admire and look up to to guest post on my blog about their NOPE perspective. During a recent conversation I had with my friend Mel, it became pretty evident that she needed to be included in my lineup to share her experiences and struggles with saying NOPE. She’s a #GirlBoss, talented permanent makeup artist, and sincerely a thoughtful and tenderhearted baby doll. I have really come to respect her and adore her, and I am thankful I get to share some of her words with you.
I was asked by my good friend @whippycake to share my story about what I am saying no to & why! The older I get, the more I realize how important it is to use the NOPE word! I'm not talking about saying no to your kids or no to opportunities (although sometimes that's obviously necessary as well), I'm talking about saying no to the things that don't uplift & grow you or the things that don't enrich your life. In my previous employment, I was made to feel pretty worthless. Even after I left, I wondered if I was capable, but I decided to say NOPE to the people who thought I would fail & I decided to FIGHT! Fight for control of how I feel & what I do! So that's my goal. To say NO to those who say I can't do something when deep down I know I can, to say NO to the things that bring more stress than joy, & NO to the things & people that don't fit within the goals I have personally & for my family! If I do this, I know I will be happier & have more time & energy to be a better wife, mom, & friend, & to serve those around me & have the ability to have more joy!!
Love, Mel
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I buy a lot of graphic tees because they are adorable, easy to style, and sometimes downright hilarious. This NOPE shirt, however, is so much more to me than just a graphic tee. It’s a movement, it’s an advocator, and it’s written permission to stop tolerating pressures, behaviors, relationships, and self depleting thoughts. If you want to adopt the NOPE attitude with me, you can get the shirt on sale for $16.95 plus FREE shipping when you use the promo code “NOPE2” at check out from now until May 25th. Time to suit up! #NOPE2016 #GirlinProgress
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