This video is packed with my favorite tips on how to grow your hair out faster. Since my hair is no longer a pixie, and I have been wearing it longer, this has been my number one most requested video. I hope you enjoy the video and get some helpful hair tips!



  1. Don’t wash your hair so often. Stop drying out your scalp and hair and let your hair produce the natural oils your hair needs and loves.
  2. Pull your bangs back. The back of your hair will grow faster than the rest of your hair, so braid, twist, or pin back your bangs until they have a chance to catch up.
  3. Because the back of your hair grows faster, you should trim more off the back of your hair than the top. I usually just nick the split ends on the top and then take a full inch or so off the bottom. Also, trimming your hair consistently will make your ends look fuller and thicker, thus making your hair look and feel longer.
  4. Brush your hair from root to end. Using a good brush will help stimulate your scalp and promote blood flow, which promotes hair growth.
  5. Steam your head with a hot towel. This will relax your scalp and open up your pores.
  6. Start taking Biotin to help promote hair growth, nail growth, and increase your body's energy.


Bristle Brush // AMAZON
Biotin for Hair and Nail Growth // AMAZON
I really hope the tips in this video help you out in your grow out journey! Thanks for taking the time to watch!
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quick video on how to grow your hair out