As many of you know from this sneak peek post, I recently had the privilege of working with Sherwin-Williams as part of their National Painting Week. The goal behind National Painting Week is to invite different creators and influencers to do a project within their community to better their community. Through what I’m definitely calling divine intervention, I was introduced to the Greer family, an amazing family with 5 of the cutest kiddos on the planet who are dealing with some challenging issues. And while I set out to transform a room in the Greer’s home into a sensory room for their kids, I was the one who was transformed the most. But for rrrreals! I loved spending time—early into the morning—with Ambrosia, the amazing mom to these kids, and learning more about her and her family. This lady works full-time as a mom and a nurse to her five kids and their many special needs, and I was impressed, humbled, and inspired by her selflessness and desire to do whatever she can to make her children’s lives better. I just love to hear the way she talks about them, no one could be a happier mom.  I've been waiting and waiting to share this room makeover and I even documented it all in a video.

DIY in-home sensory room DIY in-home sensory room

Since sensory-related things are super expensive, we had the challenge of going the DIY route. But as you know, I welcome a good challenge! Here’s a quick recap of the design and DIY details I shared in the video:

  • Paint: Ambrosia picked out the Sherwin-Williams color called “Anchors Aweigh,” which is super soothing and calming for the kids.
  • DIY Illuminating canvases: These were made with some Washi tape, spray paint, battery tap lights, and mounting tape and were super easy to make!
  • Sensory station: With an awesome table from Wayfair, some sensory bottles were put together by Ambrosia, and different miniature LED lights, we made a fun activity area for the kids that keeps them entertained and stimulated.
  • Wall art: I am so grateful to my awesome sister who made these yarn wall hangings that are super soft, plus they add layers and textures—two things that are very important in a sensory room.
  • More lights: All of these battery powered LED lights can be taken anywhere and are so calming for the kids. I think I need some of these in my studio! 😉
  • Hanging tent: This thing is the bombdotcom! The kids love to hang out in their tent, and it’s a safe place for them to read or play. We also got them a hanging nest from Wayfair that isn't featured in the video but, trust me, it's awesome!
  • Textiles: We got several pillows and rugs with different textures, and even a huge beanbag chair that holds the entire family. Thank you, again, Wayfair!

The Greer family—all 7 of them—were so grateful for their new sensory room, and I was beyond touched when Ambrosia’s sent the following letter:

“We are the Greers party of seven. 4 of our 5 children have different medical conditions and diagnoses where they depend on sensory for their development. Having a sensory room in our home is a dream come true. Our children would receive a little sensory in their individual therapies throughout the week but what do you do when at home where they spend majority of their day? Therapy is a constant process and it doesn't stop when you walk out the door from the clinic or school.  To have a dedicated room in our home that our children can go for peace and comfort at any hour on any day is a blessing I cannot even express in words. I cannot thank wayfair and Sherwin Williams enough for providing this unbelievable life changing opportunity. And not to forget the amazing Becki Crosby and her insane talent, design and time. We are forever grateful.

Disability is not a word in our home.  Disability literally means not able. These children are very able to do things they just have to go about these things in a different way. Sensory is one of those ways. We have changed this word in our vocabulary to differability. These children are absolutely amazing. They are a blessing and not a burden. They are the strong ones. May we all live by faith, hold fast to hope and show compassion one of another.
A sensory room for the Greer family

To say I came away from this experience humbled and inspired is a huge understatement, and I will be forever grateful to the Greers for allowing me to be a part of this room transformation. Thank you, Sherwin-Williams, for your invitation to be a part of National Painting Week—I think we hit this one out of the ballpark!

What's that? You want more photos? Done!

DIY in-home sensory roomGiant Bean Bag Couch// Wayfair

DIY in-home sensory room

HugglePod Hanging Nest // Wayfair
DIY in-home sensory room DIY in-home sensory room DIY in-home sensory room
DIY sensory room
Globe Lamp // WayfairDIY in-home sensory roomBook Shelf // Wayfair
DIY in-home sensory room
Textured Pillows // Wayfair
DIY in-home sensory room DIY in-home sensory roomRetro Kids Table // WayfairDIY in-home sensory room DIY in-home sensory roomDIY in-home sensory roomLeather Shag Rug // Wayfair
DIY in-home sensory roomDIY in-home sensory room DIY in-home sensory room DIY in-home sensory room DIY in-home sensory room DIY in-home sensory room DIY in-home sensory roomDIY in-home sensory room