For the past couple months, I have been working on a secret painting project of love for a family of seven, and in just a few days, I get to reveal the whole thing. For this massive project, I had the privilege of partnering with Sherwin-Williams for National Painting Week with the goal and purpose of strengthening and building community. I thought of this opportunity as a chance to do one ginormous random act of kindness, and since RAOKs are kind of my jam, I was 100% all in.

I thought about what I would want to do in my community, and none of my ideas felt right until I heard about the Greer family through a close friend. With 4 of their 5 children each having different medical conditions and diagnoses and needing constant sensory therapy for their development, it was pretty evident an in-home sensory room would be life changing for the whole family.

A sensory room for the Greer family

I set out to meet the whole clan and get to know their individual needs, and with the help of mom (Ambrosia), we started looking at paint swatches and DIYs we could execute in their upstairs loft. It was so fascinating to learn about how different colors and patterns can influence individuals with sensory challenges, and it definitely put a different perspective on choosing paint. Here are some of the colors samples we looked at for provoking calming and soothing vibes. PS: You will have to check out the reveal to see which color we chose!

sensory room paint swatches

I will be really honest and admit that when I started on this project, I really wanted to create an epic before-and-after reveal with picture perfect Pinterest-worthy designs that any blogger would be proud of. After the first few minutes of being in the Greer home, humility hit hard, and I realized that the value in this room makeover wasn’t going to be in perfectly staged furniture, but in functional and resourceful colors, textures, and lights that can comfort and transform these precious little kids from overwhelmed to relaxed and ready to learn and experience life through their senses. So thankful again to Sherwin-Williams and Wayfair for donating paint and furniture to this space to make magic happen for this family. #allthefeels

DIY sensory roomDIY sensory room

At the risk of sounding outright cheesy, I want to confess that two makeovers took place—the one in the sensory room and the one in my heart. I feel grateful for this experience, I feel educated and enlightened, and most of all, I feel really excited to share the tangible and emotional transformations that took place through this DIY sensory room we created.

National Painting Week is going down May 22nd – 30th, and I really, REALLY hope you come back and check out this illuminating sensory room reveal!