I know I keep promising more posts about my home, so I thought I would get you involved in my studio makeover I am doing in partnership with WORLD MARKET. I seriously love this brand, and I just want to thank you for supporting the affiliate posts that make this blog possible. One of the BIGGEST reasons we were attracted to our new house is the separate apartment/casita. I had dreamed of getting a much bigger space to call headquarters and thought I would have to end up renting or leasing in an office building, but destiny stepped in and handed us the perfect house with the perfect space to call home and work.

The apartment has a bedroom w/ a closet, kitchenette, open living/dining space, and a private bath. The bedroom is now my office and the living space is where I do a lot of my photos and videos plus other larger projects. Also, if you have ever tuned in to one of my Periscopes, you might have even seen that there is a secret door passage leading from the house and my new studio. When people come over, the most exciting thing to do is blow their minds with the secret door reveal. Here’s a sneak peak at the secret door:

secret door


I think it’s fairly common to immediately start planning projects and cosmetic changes when you move into a house so you can start to make it feel like your own space. The apartment section of the house was at the top of the list for me because I wanted to start to use the space ASAP for work, meetings, and photo/video shoots. It needed some major love and attention to convert it from an apartment to a practical work space. The Boss and I were brave enough to demo the whole apartment including removing the kitchen and ripping out the unique flooring, but we thought we would be smart and hire experts to actually lay the new flooring.

I won’t get into the details about how difficult it was just to remove the kitchen and flooring, but let’s just say it took us 4 days to remove the flooring and everything in the entire apartment, and it only took the experts about 6 hours to lay the new floors. That hurt the ego just a little bit, but rest assured, next time we will have the experts demo AND lay the new floors. PS: We went with luxury vinyl plank flooring that our contractors provided.  After the floors were in, I spent about 3 days painting the entire space until I thought I was going to go roller brush crazy. Shall we take a peak at the before condition of the apartment and the newly finished studio, which is now a perfect blank canvas?


studio makeover

studio makeoverstudio makeoverstudio makeover


So now that the pain and labor of turning the apartment into a studio is all done, I have this blank space to start from scratch with. It’s pretty exciting, but also kind of intimidating, because I want it to be amazing! I started a mood board to actually plan out what I want to do instead of just throwing up a bunch of random clutter like I usually do in my typical impulsive fashion.




studio makeover

a. Metallics // Copper and brass are the new gold, but I still love gold and silver… ok, #allthemetallics
b. Plants // It’s important to include as much of nature as possible in a creative space because nature is proven to reduce stress and peak creativity.
c. Wood & marble // Another way to bring in the natural vibes of nature while incorporating interesting textures and surfaces.
d. Open space // Because I use the space for photo and video, I need to keep it open and flexible so I can move things around easily.
e. Large mirrors // Mirrors reflect light, making a room bright, plus they reflect space, making it seem bigger. Yes to both, please!
f. Bench seating // Yes! to furniture that doubles as seating and storage.
g. Pop of contrast // I like the contrast and love the idea of having different colored walls to use for varied photos and video ambiance.
h. Lighting // You can never have enough lighting in one space, especially ones that create interesting shapes and patterns.
i. Layers & textures // I don’t usually incorporate a ton of color in my studio because I’ve learned in the past it can cast weird hues in videos, so as a compromise, I love to layer textures and prints at different heights so the room still has a lot of interest.

I already own a bunch of furniture and pieces that could work with my mood board inspo, but I am pinning new ideas and furniture like crazy. Here are some of my top picks right now from WORLD MARKET that I am thinking about incorporating into my room:

Oversized Oval Filament Bulb // If you’re gonna go with lighting, go big or go home.
Bi-Cast Leather Rhett Cantilever Chair // Obsessed with the metal frame and dark leather.
Copper Woven Iron Orb Hanging Basket // Could make an awesome plant holder.
Himalayan Salt-Plate // This is meant for cooking but would make a bomb.com tray.
White Marble Lazy  Susan // Definitely cool for displaying more plants or even candles.
Faux Cowhide Throw Pillow // This is the print I am crushing on right now.
Mini Succulent Pots // In person, these are the most precious succulents you’ll ever see.
Brass Metal Loop Mirror // Almost identical to the one in my mood board. #swoon
Gold Stemless Glasses // I need to feel fancy sipping DDP from these.
Wood Herringbone Tray // The more natural wood, the better.

// Two super important questions for you //

  1. Which of all the the items do you think I should absolutely include—no matter what—in my new studio? Or if you have seen something even better from World Market you can shoot me the link.
  2. What in the world should I call my new headquarters? I was thinking something like “The Layer,” like lair but cake layer instead. Too corny?

Tell me what you think in a comment below.  I can't wait to get your input!