If you have followed me long enough, you know that I chose the word “NOPE” to be my word of the year to help keep me focused and in line with where I want to go this year. This is a motivating tradition I picked up in the past, so you can go back and see in 2014 when I chose “TaDa” and in 2015 when I chose “More.” Saying “No” to people, opportunities, and even self-deprecating thoughts has been a source of a lot of hurt and challenges for me in the past.
I’ve always had that fear that saying “No” to people will make them not like me or think that I don’t value them, and of course, it’s always hard to turn down opportunities because you never know when an event can change the course of your existence. In other words, not having the courage to say “No” had me in a constant state of fear. That’s no bueno, and that’s why I knew I needed a change. I made up my mind this year that instead of saying “Yes” to overwhelm and chaos, I would get better at saying “No.” To be more specific, if it’s not a “Hell, yes,” it’s a hard pass. So that’s my word this year, and I am sticking to it.
nope shirt
It’s only April, and I have already felt more freedom and liberation from stress and overwhelm in just a short few months. I have also gotten some pretty amazing emails and messages from people just like me struggling to say “No.” Talk about inspiring. Every positive experience with getting better at saying “No,” and every message of encouragement, has given me the inspiration to put together a collaborative series I wanted to start.
nope shirt
The collaborative part is an official NOPE shirt and a bracelet I got to help design for Cents of Style, and they are officially available to buy for anyone else needing a reminder and permission to insert NOPE in her vocabulary more often. When you use the promo code “NOPE,” you get the shirt for $16.95 plus FREE shipping.

nope shirtnope braceletnope bracelet

The series part is exciting because I am inviting influencers and friends who use NOPE like a pro to be a guest on my blog so they can share how they incorporate NOPE in their life and how it is cultivating growth and progress. I have come to learn that nothing inspires and motivates me more than seeing someone just like me who handles something challenging like a boss.  I’m really excited for the growth opportunity to learn from some babes I look up to so much. PS: All of my NOPE guests will be representing with their NOPE shirts and bracelets too, so hopefully pretty soon we will have a t-shirt club going on.
Nope shirt
 Saying “No” is still widely outside my comfort zone, but I also know that in life most dreams worthwhile lie just outside your comfort zone, and that is all I need to know to keep trying the things that used to hold me back.  So here’s to many more Nopes for you and for me. #nopeisok #girlinprogress