A little bit ago, I posted a Periscope broadcast that showed behind the scenes of me getting my permanent eyebrows done by Mel from Allure Artistry. I know the video was pretty casual and not structured to answer questions or even show the process in detail, which of course frustrated some peeps. Sorry! The good news is that while Mel was taking on some clients in Arizona last week, we were able to do my second session, aaaaannd we even had the sense to record the process and talk about some FAQs regarding permanent eyebrows. #succeeding


Watch the video and then check out the FAQs below to get educated on the whole micro-blade eyebrow situation! PS. Mel travels regularly to take on new clients, so look for more details below on how to book an appointment with her.



Ok, so a little more information I can provide after having both of my sessions done with Mel. First, it is true that the micro blade (used for natural hair stroke)  hurts quite a bit more than the standard blade, but at the same time, I think on the scale of pain, in general, it's still not that bad. You do sit with numbing cream for 15 min, and she re-applied the numbing cream after each pass, so by the second and third pass it really didn’t hurt bad at all.

The second bonus to the second session was being able to tweak things. I think I  was a bit too modest with my color and shape selection the first time, so I was able to have Mel darken my brows a tad and fill them in a smidgen thicker, and now I think they are even more perfect than I thought they were before.

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Q: What’s the difference between a real tattoo and permanent eyebrows?
A: A real tattoo goes through 3-4 layers of skin and they use a rotary tattoo machine (tattoo gun). For permanent makeup, and more specifically for eyebrows, Mel uses a handheld implement and method called micro-blading and hair stroke that only goes through the first layer or two of skin and also gives Mel a lot more control and precision, which gives a seriously natural look!

Q: What’s the process of getting your brows done?
A: During your first session, you will get a complete consultation which includes an analysis of your natural brows, color swatching to find your perfect shade, and of course, precision measurements are taken to map out the shape of your new brows. One of the things I loved about going to Mel is she let me have complete say and control over the final look and result. She doesn’t try to force you into something, but she also has legit input on what will look best on you. Once color and shape are decided, you sit with numbing cream on your brows + the protective film, and you go over the paperwork and waiver for the procedure (bc a blade is used you are required to provide a basic medical explanation to ensure you are not at risk). After you're numb, you lay on the service table, and Mel begins to use the implements to shape and pigment your brows, and it usually only takes about 30-45 min for the actual blade part. Typically, the first session takes the longest, about 1.5 to 2 hrs including the consultation and paperwork.

Q: How badly does it hurt?
A: Everyone’s pain tolerance varies, but I compare the standard method to getting your brows tweezed. Not at all painful, more of an irritating sensation than painful. The natural hair stroke (micro blade) definitely hurt a lot more, like getting scrapped, but it stopped hurting as badly after the 2nd round bc the numbing cream was working better by then. Also, she uses a topical numbing solution before beginning which helps so much. The pain only exists while she is using the tools. It doesn’t hurt or ache at all after the process is over.

Q: What does it look like during the healing process?
A: Your brows will look pretty dark (compared to your color swatch) for the first couple of days, and then the color fades and heals to a more natural look. The healing process, however, does not look bad at all. I have posted photos and videos of myself right after the procedure.

Q: How permanent are we talking?
A: It’s not an actual tattoo, so the procedure only affects the first few layers of skin which means that it will start to fade over time (3-5 years). It’s recommended to get a touch up every other year or so to keep the color fresh.

Q: How many times do I need to get it done?
A: You will want to have two sessions. The first is your color and shape consultation and the first softap application, and then about a month later you would get your second softap application to fill in any spots where color did not take as well. You really do want two sessions for full and even looking brows.

Q: How long do the brows take to heal?
A: Brows are completely healed within 5-7 days. You can expect for them to look really dark for the firsts several days until they start to flake, and then by the end of the week, they look right as rain. You can safely return to work or your daily routine with zero down time.

Q: Are you glad you got yours done?
A: Holy to the YES! I seriously cannot believe I was so skeptical, but I am soooooooo glad I found Melanie because there is no way I would have trusted anyone else. Once I learned about the complete process and how educated and experienced she is, I was 100% confident about having her do them! I have not for one second regretted them!

Q: How much does this cost?
A: The initial appointment cost ranges from $400-$500 total which includes your second session! If you want to do touch up once a year or every other year, that is only $150 as long as she can still visibly see the color & shape. You can talk to Melanie more about how pricing works and when/how to pay, but if you think about the long-term benefits and savings from not buying brow products, it’s pretty much a no-brainer!

Q: What if I don’t live in Utah and I want Mel to do my brows?
A: Mel works out of South Jordan and Lehi in Utah, and she also travels regularly now to Arizona, but I know her appointments fill up fast, so I recommend emailing her asap to book with her (her email is [email protected]). If you don’t live in Arizona, but you know of multiple people in your area who would want to get their brows done, I know that Mel will travel for groups, so leave a comment with where you live and how many people you know in your area who would be interested in an appointment. PS. You can also contact her on her Instagram and Facebook.



  • I save so much time and product by not having to fill in my brows.
  • My brows look waaaaay more symmetrical than they ever did before.
  • I can wake up and it looks like I am somewhat ready because my brows are filled in and give my face a finished look even if I don’t have any other makeup on.
  • They look a lot more natural than they ever did using a brow pencil or product bc the tools she uses create detailed looking hair strokes
  • I never have to worry about my brows. That’s SOOO nice! Maybe every other year I will get a touch up, but on the daily I don’t have to give one thought to my brows because they are done!