I loved making this little rubber band braid tutorial for you because it’s different from some of the other hair tutorials I have done recently. I came up with this idea out of necessity from wanting to do something different with my hair after wearing the same part and same wavy curls over and over, but I also don’t usually have the time to spend more than the bare minimum on my getting ready routine.

So, I was fidgeting with some rubber bands to test something out, and it evolved into something I really like. Watch the video to see how I use two rubber bands to add some interest to an everyday hairstyle. I really like how the black rubber bands pop on my platinum hair, and I think the patterns the rubber bands make are really interesting and current with the tribal and bohemian patterns being so on trend right now.



I hope when you try this, you are pleasantly surprised by how easy rubber band braids are, and they only take a few minutes. Not bad for adding some ornate interest to your everyday hair! BTW, if you try out this tutorial I would LOVE to see how yours turn out, so tag me @whippycake or use hash tag #whipstyles so I can find your photos.

I am curious, is this something you would try on your hair?

PS: If you are wondering about how I curled my hair like this, I have a recent tutorial [HERE].

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rubber band braid