March is the time of year where weather starts to become bipolar. It seems like when I want to wear something warm with layers, it’s 90 outside, and when I dare to show a little skin, the temperature plummets. What’s up with that? I don’t even know, but I do find myself clinging to more wintry outfits because I’m just not ready for whatever triple digit temps that will be lurking in April. Shall we all assume the fetal position now?

And now I would like to draw your attention to my glorious fringe jacket from T.Madison. This is my very first fringe jacket, you guys. Shocking, I know! A good quality jacket like this is a right of passage, and now I am kind of disappointed in myself for waiting so long.

I must have just come from T.Madison because more than half of what I am wearing in this outfit is from there. I am totally the type to rush home from shopping and put on all my new clothes immediately. I think the fringe jacket compliments the understated button down top and the cropped distressed jeans. It’s a classic combo, and it’s highly comfortable. Be sure to check out the outfit details below the photos for shop info.

fringe fringe fringe fringe fringe fringe fringe fringe fringe fringe

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Shoes // H&M
Jeans // T.madison
Top // SheIn
Bracelets // T.madison
Necklace // T.madison
Clutch // T.madison
Sunglasses // T.madison

This is not a sponsored post; this look was put together by me by my own choice. I did, however, use affiliate links.
I hope that’s ok! Just keeping it real.