Blessed day, I have finally made an updated tutorial on how to curl short hair. I win at life, at least for today! My hair is much longer than most people are used to seeing it, I know, the outrage! It's especially different compared to my other curled hair tutorials and because of that I have changed the way I curl my hair to suit the length.
PS. I believe we all took a vote and have decided to call this haircut the “BOXIE” because it’s not quite a bob but no longer a pixie. In the video, I show a few ways to tailor these curls for your own style.
Watch the video to see how the curls are done.

To recap the video, the main takeaways for curling short hair are as follows:
  1. Use something like a serum or oil on your hair to protect it from your hot iron. I prefer to use Naissant Revive Intense Elixir.
  2. You don’t want to curl close to the root or at the ends of the hair. Just one rotation of your curling iron or flat iron will give you the perfect c-curl, aka wave to your hair.
  3. You want to alternate the direction you curl each section of hair so you get some fun waves and texture. You don’t want it to be one uniform curl.
  4. The top of the hair is where you need the least amount of curl. Try angling your hair straight up or over directed to give it lift without a ton of curl.
  5. Don’t try and perfect the hair. Just let it do what it wants and everyone will be fine.
  6. Finish things off with a spritz of Play Dirty Spray Wax or your favorite finishing spray for hold and texture.
And that, my friends, is how I curl my short hair. Please tell me this was the tutorial you have been dreaming of and waiting for? I felt a lot of pressure to get this baby done, so I hope it answered some of your questions. Go give this style a try and tag me + use the hashtag #whipstyles so I can find your pretty do.
PS. I am going to start sharing your hair styles on my blog, so if you wanna be featured, don’t forget to tag me and use the hash tag so I know you want to be included. Also, If you like the makeup look in this video, I recently posted a tutorial for that [here].
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