Am I allowed to do a weekend recap if the recap is a few weeks later? Since it’s my blog, and I make the rules, I am going to say “Yes,” so ha!
I have just been reminiscing about an experience I had while I was in SLC for work a few weeks ago, and since I feel like the theme for the last week or so has been “women supporting women,” I thought this would be applicable to share right now. I had a speaking tour, of sorts, while visiting SLC including Alt Summit, one of my all time favorite conferences.
Alt is full of all sorts of amazing classes and even more elaborate and exciting parties. Skipping ahead here, Cents of Style invited me to co-host one of the dinner parties with them which is incredible!
I just wanted to take a quick second and brag about my girl Courtney from Cents of Style. She approached me a few years ago to try out some of her fashion accessories, and we have been working together ever since. Not only do we work together, but we have become friends, cheerleaders, and a #GirlBoss support system.
I am so grateful she went out of her comfort zone 3 years ago so that we could become friends. I have since witnessed Courtney grow Cents of Style into this incredible power house of a company that not only sells dang cute stuff, but also offers inspiration that empowers women from all walks of life. I think one of the reasons she has done so well is because she has always put people first, including me, and I think, in return, people are happy to rave about her and her company. I mean hi, I am bragging about her right now.
The point of this post is that when you put people first, when you genuinely care and want to help, people notice, and they will likely become life long fans, customers, friends, followers, or all of the above. I don’t want to go through life asking, “What can I get?”,  “What can they do for me?”, or “What will I get out of this?” I want to go through life asking myself, “What do I bring to the table?” and “What statement am I making by the way I live?”
I was super honored to be a part of an intimate party that allowed women to come together to do just that. The whole evening has had me thinking more about what I can do, and how I can improve the message behind the statement I make by living my life every day.  *Pause for dramatic self-reflection.


So anyway, I am pretty fortunate to be surrounded with life lessons and experiences that encourage me to grow.
Also, can we focus on how gorgeous this dinner party was? They had Tom the private chef come and serve a 7 course meal (yes, I ate every course).
They also had a lovely swag box for each of us packed full of my favorite products/brands like Sexy Hair, Arvo, and True Lemon! No joke—the swag was valued at well over $200. Like, whoa! Better than anything, was getting to connect and relate to many beautiful girls. Here are a bajillion photos to make up for my inability to adequately describe how stunning everything was. Oh, and I saw they did a recap post of the evening that is like 10,000 times better than this.



PS. Now you know why I buy so many of my clothes and accessories from Cents of Style—I want freaking awesome people to have my money. What? You are changing the world? Fine, take all my money, just take it!


PPS. If you’re a blogger or getting into the influencer scene and you’re looking for brands to partner with, can I just say you need to talk to Cents of Style! It’s been such a positive impact on me and my blog. ‘Nough said!