So here’s how this periscope came to exist. 2015 was a hurricane of events, campaigns, opportunities, traveling, failed ventures, amazing lessons, and endless to do lists. I don’t regret a single thing from last year bc it came with tons of emotional and mental growth which is so helpful and encouraging to me.

As I have been getting my footing in 2016, I have been pushing really hard to only commit to things I absolutely WANT to do.

If it’s not a “Hell, yes!” it’s a hard pass.

I have a dream for this year to be incredibly intentional and highly focused. Well, the thing about life is that even when you are saying “NOPE” to things, there is some chaos and confusion you just can’t avoid.

I have been feeling a huge sense of frustration/failure lately with almost no reasoning behind it because everything is going seemingly awesome. The problem is I have this strong impression there is something MORE I need to be doing and the frustration comes from not having the clarity to find out what that something is and how I should do it.

During a moment of complete tumult last Thursday, I had the impression to do a Periscope about how I was feeling and to just let out all my thoughts for the cyber world to hear.

In this video, you will witness a breakdown of sorts and also some realizations that happen in real time. Below the video, you can read a recap of some of the main talking points I shared in the video. I hope you will get something useful from this moment of rawness, and I hope you will share it with anyone you know who might need to hear some of it.

// 10 Key Takeaways //

  1. Online influencers, celebrities, and business owners don’t have perfect lives and don’t have everything figured out. Just because I have had some major successes in the past, does not mean I always know what my next move should be, and just because I aim to have a picture perfect life does not mean I have one or anything  that remotely resembles a perfect life. I am human, and I am working on bettering myself everyday.
  2. Life is not one puzzle we have to figure out to achieve utter happiness. Life is a series of puzzles, and when we figure one thing out, there is likely another challenge just around the corner.
  3. Happy and positive people do not fart out sunshine all the time. Happy people still have negative feelings about things, they still have down days, and they sill get grumpy. Shocking, I know!
  4. Some people are steady eddy, and some people ride the magical ride of emotional highs and lows. Neither type of person is better, but we need to respect our differences and not judge because others handle life differently than you.
  5. Sometimes you have to go through dark and draining lows to prepare for or recover from the joyous and rewarding highs.
  6. The process of emotionally breaking down is what allows you to come back even stronger. You can’t go through life without struggling. If you aren’t struggling, you aren’t progressing.
  7. No one has it all figured out. Not even the people we look up to the most have all of life’s answers. When you decide that you know it all, you completely stop your ability to learn and grow.
  8. If we can be vulnerable and open up to people about our struggles, and most importantly, when we are receptive to other people, then we open ourselves up for immense inspiration and growth.
  9. You, yes YOU, are unbelievably awesome and capable of great things. Surround yourself with people who believe that too, and you will do astounding things with your life.
  10. I love you and appreciate you so, so, so, so, so much! You may never know just how much you help me and inspire me. I love you.

Ok, so yah, I pretty much warned you about everything and all the feels in this video, so no need to apologize at this point. I just hope you heard something that could help you in your own personal life. If it was helpful, pass it along and help someone else! Love you to the moon!

– XOXO –