First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2015 was a high impact, fast paced, eventful year, and I am super excited for what 2016 will bring.

I have a new winter wardrobe post today that includes one of my 2016 predictions. Black, black, black and more black!  Stick around for the outfit details at the bottom of this post!

I’m obsessed with stacking layers, and lately, even more obsessed with stacking same color pieces like this black on black ensemble.

Also, how yummy is black contrasted against all this white snow? “H” to the double yes, please and thank you!  Just keep in mind that details can get lost easily in all that black, which is why I like to mix fabrics and textures like the paneled faux leather leggings, which add some fun personality and dimension.

Another thing is all that black can start to look a little hard and too “edgy,” but I think the over-sized blush scarf softens it up just enough. What do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts in a comment below.

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Winter Wardrobe Back to Black Eye Shadow Paneled Leggings Lipstick Laser Cut Booties Black Longline Button Down Shaggy Scarf Black Tee Back to Black

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Black Tee // Forever21
Black Longline Button Down // ASOS
Paneled Leggings // The Urban Hare
Shaggy Scarf // Forever21
Laser Cut Booties // Target
Eye Shadow // Laura Geller Delicious Shades of Nude Palette
Lipstick  // Lancome Matte Color Crayon in Lipstick Avenue (#210)