I have been getting bombarded on social media with questions about my permanent makeup, so I wanted to post the Periscope video of the behind-the-scenes of my permanent brows, as well as some updated photos of what my brows look like now a month after the procedure. This was done while I was in Utah for work, but Melanie, who did my brows, will be making a trip to Arizona in January, so look for more details below on how to book an appointment with her while she is in AZ.

A few weeks ago, I had my first permanent makeup appointment during a business trip to Utah. I never thought I would let anything permanent come near my face, but Melanie from Allure Artistry reached out to me on Instagram and told me everything I needed to know about permanent eyebrows.

After I was educated and properly informed on the matter, I was more than eager to get my brows did but had to wait until I was in Utah again where Melanie is located. Not only is Melanie an expert in her field, but she is incredibly professional and so sincerely considerate! She even offered to do my brows after hours (like midnight hours!) so I could still get in to see her after a 3 day conference right before my flight back to AZ.

On Saturdays, you can usually find Melanie working at the Mandie Sue Salon in Lehi, Utah, which is where this whole video takes place. Mandie has such a vibrant personality, and you can tell we had a lot of fun! She was so nice and offered to Periscope part of my procedure so you can watch and replay a little of the behind-the-scenes. Shall we watch it now?

To recap some of the questions and craziness from the video, I have a quick little FAQ for you. I hope to make another follow-up video with a more detailed explanation and close-up of the process.


  • I save so much time and product by not having to fill in my brows.
  • My brows look waaaaay more symmetrical than they ever have before.
  • I can wake up, and it looks like I am somewhat ready because my brows are filled in and give my face a finished look even if I don’t have any other makeup on.
  • They look a lot more natural than they ever did using a brow pencil or product. The two methods she uses really give you the most natural look, considering it’s permanent makeup.
  • I never have to worry about my brows. That’s SOOO nice! Maybe every other year I will get a touch up, but on the daily, I don’t have to give one thought to my brows because they are done!

Permanent Makeup


Q: Is this like a real tattoo?
A: Not at all. This procedure is called “soft” and is done 100% by hand with an implement that’s discarded after the process. No buzzing or machines are used, and because it’s done by hand, the technician has more control and the brows will look more natural.

Q: How permanent are we talking?
A: It’s not an actual tattoo, so the procedure only affects the first few layers of skin which means it will start to fade over time (3-5 years). It’s recommended to get a touch up every other year or so to keep the color fresh.

Q: How bad does it hurt?
A: Everyone’s pain tolerance varies, but I compare it to getting your brows tweezed. Not at all painful, more of an irritating sensation than painful. Also, she uses a topical numbing solution before beginning which helps so much.

Q: How many times do I need to get it done?
A: You will want to have two sessions. The first is your color and shape consultation and the first softap application, and then about a month later, you would get your second softap application to fill in any spots where color did not take as well. You really do want two sessions for full and even looking brows.

Q: How long do the brows take to heal:?
A: Brows are completely healed within 5-7 days. You can expect for them to look really dark for the firsts several days until it starts to flake, and then by the end of the week they look right as rain.  You can safely return to work or your daily routine with zero down time.

Q: Are you glad you got yours done?
A: Holy to the YES! I seriously cannot believe I was so skeptical, but I am soooooooo glad I found Melanie because there is no way I would have trusted anyone else. Once I learned about the complete process and how educated and experienced she is, I was 100% confident about having her do them! I have not for one second regretted them!

Q: How much does this cost?
A:  The initial appointment cost ranges from $400-$500 total which includes your second session! If you want to do touch up once a year or every other year, that is only $150 as long as she can still visibly see color & shape. You can talk to Melanie more about how pricing works and when/how to pay, but if you think about the long-term benefits and savings from not buying brow products, it’s pretty much a no-brainer!

Q: What if I don’t live in Utah and I want Melanie to do my brows?
A: After posting about my brows and the huge response from everyone wanting Melanie to travel, she booked a trip to come to Arizona in January. As of right now, she is still taking appointments between January 7th and 9th, but I know the spots are filling up fast. If you don’t live in Arizona, but you know of multiple people in your area who would want to get their brows done, I know that Mel will travel for groups. Either way, you can email her directly and schedule with her. Like I said, I would do it pretty quick because I know she only has a few spots left. Email her at hello (at) allureartistrycosmetics .com

PSSSSST! Pin this video so you remember all the important details for when you're ready to get your brows done!

Permanent Makeup: Softap Eyebrows

Softap Eyebrows


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