So… I get this mystery box in the mail from with a challenge to come up with some wearable outfits with the mystery pieces. Let me think about that…. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

I’ve been trying to make it a point to post more wardrobe posts, and this little challenge was a fine opportunity to take my closet staples and add in some trendy and seasonal pieces.  I feel guilty even calling this a challenge because, let’s be honest, playing dress up is always more like playtime to me.  Who wants to see the outfits I came up with? Watch this video.

This is technically my first “haul” video, and I really hope you like it! I am kind of curious about what outfit you liked the best, so if you have a minute, leave me a comment and let me know which look won you over. If you would like to see me do more haul videos and look books, then let me hear it! I am all about them special requests.

PS: If you love to hang up clothes, Call Me, because I have a crap ton of clothes that need to make it back on a hanger.

Shout out to for sending me the perfect box of style worthy items. <3 You can check out all their current boutique deals from the convenience of your phone by getting the free app. #yourewelcome

PS. Check out my thoughts on bright colors and my favorite pants! || Mobile App
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