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Is it just a girl thing to be totally plagued by a constant craving for sweets and junk food, like white chocolate blondies and gourmet chocolate truffles (you know the ones I like, gimme dat Lindor!)? I feel like the inner battle of “I want to eat this, but I shouldn't!” was just a 24/7 debacle that was wearing me down. I recently came to the life-changing discovery that yummy stuff is good for you, both physically and emotionally. Ha! Let me tell you 3 reasons you should absolutely grant yourself permission to have a treat before you think I am just making stuff up so I can eat more junk.

[1] If you pick your favorite indulgent treat, and then schedule a specific time you are allowed to eat it (I need something sweet at least once a day), then you know exactly when to eat that treat instead of that constant torment of “Should I?” throughout your whole day. Decide exactly when, what, and how much you’ll eat for your blessed treat, and instead of a mental fight within, you will have a yummy appointment you can look forward to—minus the guilt—bc you have decided in advance according to your own meal plan/eating lifestyle. No more minute-by-minute, “I want it, but I can’t have it.” Make an appointment to feed your craving, and then you can actually enjoy it!

[2] When you make the choice to treat yourself, rather than give in to a temptation, you are avoiding the chemical reaction that happens when you fail at something, and instead, you’re rewarding yourself with a surge of Dopamine. What’s so cool about Dopamine? How ‘bout the fact that it motivates you to take action towards goals, desires, and needs. It also gives you a surge of reinforcing pleasure when achieving those goals and desires. So there! Allowing yourself a planned and predetermined treat not only tastes yummy in the tummy, but it’s an all-around win for your emotional/mental state.

[3] You work hard and you deserve something to make you and your tummy happy! Doing things for yourself is a great way to build self-love, and self-love is a catalyst for confidence. Bet you didn't know that eating sweets could make you more confident! My favorite two treats right now are, of course, frozen yogurt (not sure if you picked that up in the photos or not), and for something quick at home, I love a graham cracker dipped in frozen cool whip. Sounds lame, but I'm telling you, it hits the spot!

If anything at all, I hope this post gives you the permission you need to stop beating yourself up about your sweet tooth and inspires you to treat yourself guilt free a little more often. XOXO, whip


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3 Reasons to Treat Yourself


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