For today’s Motivational Monday, I have a little video clip from my Hello You series about having the courage to listen to your heart. I really wanted to share this today because some recent conversations I’ve had with a friend have made me sorta' sad. The sad situation with this friend is that she has these bold ideas and big dreams to do something great in the world. She has a longing to do something different with her life, but she hesitates before even taking the smallest step towards her dream because she knows that people in her life will judge her or question her decisions. She believes that these influences in her life know better than she does when it comes to what she should do. She believes they can predict the future, and that if they think she will fail, then surely she will. I am sad for her and the life she might never live because of those close to her convincing her she can’t or shouldn’t.

In this video, I share my personal story of a situation where I almost listened to someone I care about very much and nearly gave up on my dreams. In this video, I talk about how I learned that when it comes to you and your life, YOU are the only one who has control. YOU are the only one who gets to decide. YOU are the one with all the power.

That letter from my mom was a turning point for me. It was an important moment where I realized I had the courage to follow my own heart even though I would be ignoring advice and counsel from someone I love and trust. It was an opportunity for me to acknowledge that it’s in my nature to do what is best for me even if no one understands, even if it makes me feel alone. YOU, my friend, are the only person who knows what is best for you. Will you have the courage to trust your instincts? Will you have the courage to listen to your heart?  I hope so.


P.S.: If you felt something from reading this post, or you know someone who might need to hear this message, I would be absolutely supportive if you feel inclined to share it!