I recently did a broadcast on Periscope that was kind of my first rant video ever.  The scope was all about eyebrows, mean girls, and just my frustration with how negative the internet can be. It all started with a comment that was made on one of my Instagram posts. Although the photo had nothing to do with my eyebrows, someone felt strongly enough about them to make a snarky comment about how “inexcusable” they are, and then made an obscene comparison I don’t care to repeat.

Of course, the comment was intended to be offensive for a slight second. What offends me way more than dissing on my eyebrows is the fact the grown adults are still acting like mean girls in high school on social media behind the safety net of their computers. I know I am very lucky because I rarely get a nasty comment, but the fact that this happens regularly for some people just makes me angry and sad, so I had to hop on Periscope to rant about it for a little bit.

If you are new to Periscope or have never seen it in action before, it’s a live broadcast that viewers can tune in and watch in real time. They can write comments through the chat below and tap the screen as much as they want to create hearts to let the broadcaster know they are enjoying the video. Once the live scope is over, the video is available for replay for 24 hrs in the app, and then it goes away.

Eyebrow Rant


I know I said more than I needed to say in the video, but just to recap for a second, I wanted to polish up my main talking points from this rant:

  1. I don’t care what the trend is or what the fashion police say, YOU are the only one who gets to decide what you wear and what YOU like. Don’t be bullied into following the crowd because some beasty tries to publicly shame you.
  2. Another person's hateful behavior is not your cue to act the same way. I see it time and again online—everything is all fun and sunshine until one person decides to leave a rude comment, and then the floodgates of  ridicule open up. Don’t join the rank of judgement, stand firm in your resolve to be kind, even if that means you stand alone.
  3. Since when are eyebrows foundation to judge a person? It’s hair on your face, for Pete's sake! Your eyebrows, the color of your hair, your face shape, butt size… NONE of that crap has anything to do with what kind of person you are. Being NICE makes you beautiful. Period. The end.
  4. I have 3 daughters, and it would be really nice if they could grow up in a world where they aren’t harassed on the internet over a bunch of superficial nonsense. Just remember when you are out there interacting online that there are, no doubt, young, impressionable people watching and seeing what you say and do. Can we please just show them, by example, that kindness is always the best place to start? Mmmmkay, thanks!

So go out there, be nice, be generous with your compliments, and spread some freaking sunshine!

I am Whippy Cake, and I approve this message.

P.S.: I know you know someone who really needs to hear this message, so I really hope you share it because sharing is caring.




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