You know when you run into Target at 9:47 pm and pray that you don’t see anybody you know because
a.) Your hair looks just like it did when you got out of bed 16 hours ago.
b.) You are most likely buying an obscene amount of Diet Dr. Pepper and candy. “Wait, what did I come here for?”
c.) “Is that chocolate on my pants? Good thing these are just my pajamas.”

Being a platinum pixie celebrity on social media tends to bring a lot of attention when I’m out and about. Sometimes I’m not camera ready for that attention, and it usually happens at Target. I love having platinum blonde hair, but the root upkeep makes me feel like I should set up permanent residence at the salon. Being a busy mom and business owner keeps my hands and calendar full. I have always had to resign myself to the fact that most of the time, I am going to have dark roots for a longer period of time than I desire.

That is until I discovered the perfect platinum match in L’Oreal Feria’s “Extreme Platinum”! *GASP* Yes, I used a box color on my roots and got gorgeous results. No salon appointment. No crazy formulas to figure out. No cosmetology license needed because you can find it everywhere. Just simple instructions and a quick at home application. This is officially the best news ever.

I told you recently about my secret trip to NYC to work with L’Oreal Feria and shared a few behind the scenes pics. Getting to work with this fantastic brand and the incredible crew on the “Live in Color” How-To series was a dream come true. But all that aside, I really feel the best part about the whole experience is not only did I find the perfect platinum product to use at home, but I also got to make a How-To video for you so you can see it with your own eyes. Feria for the win! Prepare to be blown away with my bright platinum blonde results in this video.

I embarrassingly was a little skeptical about the power of the product. As an experienced hair stylist, my concern was that it would end up looking brassy. As you can see, my results were far better than I could have imagined. I am so proud to work with this brand and be able to offer you an affordable and easy way to “Live in Color.

Please make sure to check out the other vibrant shades that Feria has to offer. (P.S.: I was sooo close to going purple! Maybe next time?) They have some great transformations on their channel. Who’s ready for “Power Violet”? We need to have a color party stat.

Now that I can touch-up my roots at home anytime I want, I don’t have to worry about hiding from you at Target in the hat section. We can chat in the beauty aisle, and I’ll proudly show you the box I use, Feria “Absolute Platinum.” Is this something you will use from now on? Have you tried this brand before? Let me know what you think.