I get asked a lot of pixie questions, and I mean A LOT. It’s just one of the fun perks of being the Grand Marshal of the Pixie Parade. But the #1 pixie question asked is my favorite because it applies to everyone: “How do I talk to my stylist about the pixie cut I want?”

We have all experienced that moment when you leave a stylist's chair feeling unsure about what just happened. So you try to check out the damage in every reflective surface on the way home: The rear view mirror, sun visor, compact. You even snap a selfie. Yes, my friend, this is not a drill. You just got a bad haircut.

Bad haircuts, in general, are miserable. But if you get a bad pixie cut, you can’t just throw it in a pony tail and will it to grow. You kinda' have to make the best of a bad situation. This is why I want to teach you how to talk to your stylist and hopefully prevent any future miscommunications.

In today’s video, I am chatting with my next Pixie Parade transformation. I know, it’s such a tease to show you this video of Michele before she joined the Pixie Parade, but I just love building up the anticipation for one of my favorite pixie transformations of all time.

Together, we teach you how to have a conversation with your stylist instead of showing her a picture and hoping for the best.

A good stylist will take the time to listen to you and then have a good back and forth as she gets to know your hair type, how your hair lays, what styling tools and products you use, and the amount of time you are willing to put into a style. In this video, you will get 3 quick tips and some great stylist lingo to help you leave the salon with a smile.

Tip #1: Keep an open mind

You do not have Ginnifer Goodwin’s hair or head, so be open to suggestions your stylist might make about the cut. If you don’t like to style your hair, then you will not want certain styles.

Tip #2: Have a two-way conversation

Is your stylist blindly agreeing with you? Does she raise concerns, make suggestions, run her hands through your hair, ask you how you normally style your hair, etc.

Tip #3: Use haircut terms

Nape, Crown, Side Burns, T-Zone, Taper, Undercut


Don’t be afraid to clarify with your stylist as much as you need to. I mean, 1 inch to me looks like 3 inches to someone else. You really want to take the time in the consultation to make sure both of you are speaking the same language and understanding the same meanings. It’s like this credit card commercial

Customer: “Frog protection!”
Agent: “Yah, fraud protection.”
Customer: “I’m pretty sure we’re saying the same thing.”

Just clarify, ok? And then clarify again.

What did you think of these helpful tips? I feel this video is great for everyone to watch. We all need to understand that stylists are not magical gypsies who can read your mind. A conversation is the only way to ensure that you are getting your point across and that all your questions and concerns will be answered. I hope these tips will help you feel more confident the next time you meet with your stylist. Please share this video with anyone who is about to get her hair cut, aka: everyone!



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