I am doing something a little different this week for Mystery Monday. In this episode, you will be joining me LIVE at the Creative Live studios in Seattle. I had the honor of teaching a class about marketing your business on YouTube to talented entrepreneurs in a live studio audience, as well as an online streaming audience. I pulled Jef, one of my students, from the audience and had him man my iPhone as we filmed this video.

I wanted to show the class from start to finish how to create a video for YouTube, and this was one of the steps. It really was live, and I have the audience to prove it.

I had the most epic time teaching “How to Market your Business on YouTube” at Creative Live. The staff and production team were incredible and made every step of the way a dream.

One of the online students chatted in a question about what makeup I use when filming. I loved that question, so I added some product reviews to this video. I also got the ball rolling on Motivational Monday. The topic I chose is preparing yourself for negative comments. I was reminded this week just how important it is to be prepared for this hurdle when you put yourself or business on the internet. I am so happy that we got to discuss this as a class, and I am sharing what I do along with some helpful tips. Ladies and Gentlemen, Mystery Monday LIVE!

What did you think about adding in a motivational moment? Don’t ask Jef’s arms (my volunteer camera guy), they would probably say it was a bit too long. What a champ! But I had a lot to say about this topic of preparing a response for negative criticism. I know at this point in life, and in my career, that I should expect negative comments, but I can honestly say that it catches me by surprise when it happens. And sometimes it can really hurt.

When you follow your dreams and share your passion with the world, you are opening yourself up to all types of feedback.

It’s not a matter of if, but when your haters will come knocking. So the question is, how do you prepare yourself to overcome that obstacle? Do you think that having an automatic response will work for you? How do you respond to negative feedback? What do you think about turning the tables and putting something good back into the world? I know it really helps me to change my attitude quickly, and I hope it can do the same for you. I would love to hear below how you've handled negative comments, and if you are willing to say, “Challenge Accepted!”




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Volunteer Video Credit: Jef with Jester’z Improv Comedy