I will never forget my first “DTR,” or define the relationship talk. What a nightmare, right? Butterflies of excitement and the fear of disappointment stirring wildly in my stomach. I am sure that I am not the only one who practiced every possible outcome line by line prepping my unpredictable teenage emotions. After all, there was no Saved by the Bell episode that laid out exactly how to do it.

The DTR didn’t end well. But it also didn’t take long before I realized having those talks to check in with a partner, co-worker, friend, parent, my fave clerk at Circle K—whomever it may be—is vital to know where to throw all of my energy into the relationship. What does this have to do with Mystery Monday? Well, I just want to check in with you and make sure I’m headed in the right direction with this MM thing.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “you want to be terrific, you've got to be specific”? That is what I want for Mystery Monday. I want it to be terrific. I love that you love MM and can’t live without it, and that is my favorite thing about being Whippy Cake. But, I need more feedback from you. While you enjoy this week’s episode, I want you to think about what makes MM worth watching to you. Here's the video.

So, I’m being totally serious. What do you want from me? I need your feedback. Are you up for a little Motivational Monday? How about more reviews of my favorite things? More cowbell? I’VE GOT TO KNOW! Consider this our DTR (define the relationship) talk. Pretend we are chatting over some Fro-Yo and spill the beans. You can leave a comment here on the blog, on my YouTube channel, Instagram or Facebook. Don’t be shy, let it all out.



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