I have been super excited to share this pixie haircut transformation with you because I have been holding onto it for far too long. The beautiful Claire came to Arizona all the way from Oregon to join the Pixie Parade. I picked this sweet Mama out from all of our worthy candidates because of her heart of gold. Claire told me that she wanted to cut her hair so that she could donate it to the Pantene's Beautiful Lengths program. This wonderful program provides women battling cancer with real-hair wigs for free. I’m so proud of her for donating her lovely golden locks to Beautiful Lengths. I truly admire her desire to give so much.

Before I started, we chatted about Claire’s expectations with the cut and what kind of time she wanted to put into styling. As a new mom, she was ready for a change but didn’t want a style that required too much time. I think that is a common concern for most moms. She also expressed that she would like a pixie with a longer bang. I agreed that it would frame her face shape well. She has really dreamy hair for a pixie. You will see that I hardly did anything to style it once it was dry. She is lucky enough to have straight hair that lays beautifully. This will allow her to have really easy day-to-day styling. Lucky! Are you ready for her transformation? Check this video out.

Um, did you guys love when she said her husband measured her hair for her and said, “Let’s do it!” I officially nominate that guy for Husband of the Year. Also, let us take note of how easy it was to style her cut. She is gonna' be happy about that! I added some spray wax to the back layers to give a little grit and body. Claire’s pixie would also look fantastic with the C-Curl hairstyle that has been my go-to lately.

Summary: beautiful girl, beautiful transformation, I love my job! I feel so lucky that I got to be part of this new Mama’s long-to-short change up. What did you think? Let me know in the comments below. You know I love to hear your feedback and get a little Pixie Parade banter going on!


P.S.: If you know someone who is debating on going for a pixie, you should share this transformation with her. It might be just the push she needs to go for the chop!

P.P.S.: As an added bonus, I included a #pixe360 and side by side before and after of her cut in case anyone is hoping to print pics off to take to the salon. Wink* Wink*

pixie hairstyle transformation - claire's befor and after

pixie hairstyle transformation before and after