Spring is in the air, and I may have inhaled a little too much spring before I made this week’s Mystery Monday video. I had a serious case of the giggles and almost chocked to death on DDP as a result. Good thing I rallied and was still able to share some new surprise happy mail/goodies from a local shopping spree and a delightful smelling monthly membership. You will also get a sneak peek at my new spring swimsuit, so get your sunglasses out—I’m so white, I glow in the dark. The things I do because I love you certainly stretches me past my comfort zone, but it’s the best form of peer pressure around. You already know it’s random, and that’s why it’s Mystery Monday. Please enjoy this video!

As promised in the video, below is a list of all the links and details for the products and shops mentioned:

Maybelline Color Elixir Lip Color – Fuchsia || Ulta
Drink Wear || Urbana
•    Copper Mugs
•    Gold Confetti Champagne Glasses
•    Gold Confetti Champagne Flutes
Cue the Confetti Stationary || Wants & Wishes Stationary
Perfume Membership || ScentBird
Bonaire Swimsuit Pink || Shabby Apple
Jewelry || Noonday Collection
•    Beaded Botanical Cuff
•    La Vela Bracelet

I hope we can still be friends even after you saw my winter white skin in a bathing suit today. Ha! I hate to bring up the weather, but Arizona is HOT. We are already stocking up on sunscreen like it’s the apocalypse. Thank you for enduring this video. I know I keep saying it, but I really have so much fun making these Mystery Monday videos. There is one thing I  love more than making them…your suggestions! You have all directed me to some real amazing randomness. Please leave me a comment below with anything that you think I’m missing out on. Until next time…


T-Shirt || Target
Cardigan || Forever21
Yoga Pants || Target
Kimono || TJMaxx