2014 was all I ever hoped for and then some! I started the year with “Ta Da” as my one little word (OLW) for 2014 and a new mentality/promise to myself to celebrate every accomplishment no matter how big or small instead of focusing my frustration on all my incomplete to-do lists.

Looking back, it's not hard to see that “Ta Da” was the perfect word for me and shaped the year into one big fat TA DA moment after another. It's not that I didn't have incomplete to-do lists in 2014, and there were certainly days or weeks where my only Ta Da moments were putting on a bra or feeding my kids something other than chicken nuggets. I think the main difference is that my OLW trained me to alter my perspective, and I just got really good at recognizing all my victories. Of course, some victories are easier to recognize and celebrate than others, so I made a list of my top 12 favorite Ta Da moments from last year.

I attended my first Alt conference last winter. It seemed like my schedule would never allow me to make it to an Alt conference until the stars aligned in 2014, and I finally got to go. It was everything I had dreamed it would be, and I am so incredibly excited that I will be speaking at Alt Winter this month. But I will share more on that later!

Alt Summit

Ivory's baby blessing! One of the ordinances in my church is to give each baby (or child) a name and a blessing. It's where you confirm the baby's name on the records of the church and also bestow specific blessings from God through priesthood holders. It's a very special experience, and I love to save all the tiny details from their blessing day for my kids to remember and keep when they are older. Ivory's blessing dress was an antique dress from the 40s with original Swarovski crystals and lace, so that will absolutely be a precious keepsake along with her white blankets and bracelet.

Ivory Baby Blessing

I styled the first of many Barbie shoots with my friend Kim from The Tomkat Studio, as well as a long list of other amazing brands throughout the year.

Barbie Photo Shoot

I attended Icon14 with one of my besties, and I was so excited to be there and soak it all in! I had to miss the 2013 conference because I was deathly sick from my pregnancy with Ivory. Icon is always so incredibly informative and intensely motivating, so I try not to miss it, ever. Bonus! Guess who will be speaking at Icon15 in 2015! Yes, I am—more on this later!


I went to Hawaii for my very first time ever! The Boss got us airline tickets to Hawaii for Christmas, and it could quite possibly be the best week of 2014 for me. I have never witnessed anything so breathtaking in my life, and I often fantasize about being back on those beaches relaxing and doing absolutely nothing but watching the waves. I frequently plot ways to move there, but I would settle for a client or an event there… anyone? #hookitup

Hawaii Trip

I hit some new milestones on my Youtube Channel. Earlier this year, I decided to get back to making videos because, simply, videos are way easier to demonstrate certain things like hair and makeup. I set some really small goals for my YouTube channel, and I was absolutely blown away to plow through those goals midway through the year. This year I will be setting my YouTube goals much higher, and I hope you go and SUBSCRIBE to my channel because I have some really good videos planned!

Whippy Cake Youtube Profile

I started working with two of my favorite TV icons, and now close friends, Chris and Heidi Powell, from Extreme Weight Loss on ABC.  I absolutely LOVED getting to know the Powells, and getting to be a small part of their lives and witnessing how they work their fitness magic! Obviously, this was hands-down my most intimidating client last year, but I am so thankful for the opportunity to help them with their blog and to learn and grow with them.

Meet the Powells

I hosted a massive birthday fundraiser for my 30th birthday for Random Act of Kindness. The most meaningful gifts to me are always the opportunities to change someone's life for the better!

Birthday Wish

I spoke at the LDS Influencer Meet Up in Arizona. I love, love, love, love, love the opportunity to speak and hopefully motivate, and this experience was especially awesome because all the focus was on being an example of Christ and sharing goodness. #sharegoodness

LDS Influencer Meetup AZ

We took our kids to Disneyland for their first time. Despite it being the hottest day of the year, we had the absolute best time together as a family, and all the kids are still begging to go back!

Disney Land

I made homemade costumes for all my kids for Halloween. I always dream up costumes in my head all year round, but rarely do I actually give myself the time to pull it off. I got a jump on it earlier this year so I could actually make costumes this year, and each costume was a huge Ta Da moment for me! Kingston was Professor Bones, London was a fawn, Dempsey was a flamingo, and Ivory was cotton candy.

Halloween Costumes

I launched my Detour Collective for Cents of Style. I feel like this needs no explanation. Just honored, excited, and happy with all the items I curated/designed for this collection.


Ended the year with my favorite people ever, at my favorite place ever, for my favorite holiday ever. Christmas is no doubt one of the busiest times of the year, but by the time we are on Christmas break, I turn all that off and just enjoy 3 of my favorite things (Family, snow covered Midway, and Christmas), all happening at the same time. Having uninterrupted time to watch and observe my kids gives me the chance to truly grasp how much God loves each of us as His children. It truly boils down to everything that makes Christmas so special and meaningful—to remember, honor, and cherish Christ and the ultimate gift He gave to each of us—His life. I don't even know why I try to explain it when THIS video does so, so, so much better, but He is the gift, and I consider everything I have in addition in my life (family, home, job, friends, health, etc.) a generous bonus!

Crosby Family 2014

It was pretty stinking hard to narrow it down to 12 favorite moments, but you will just have to trust me when I say that I have pretty well worn out the word Ta Da. Before I official retire my 2014 word, I just want to celebrate it one more time by offering you guys a promotion on my Ta Da shirt!  Cents of Style is going to give you guys a FREE matching diamond midi ring when you buy my Ta Da shirt.  You don't have to do anything extra or enter a promo code—when you add the shirt to your cart, it automatically adds the ring for FREE, so that makes it pretty darn easy for you! This deal runs until Friday (1/9/15).  Ta Da! I hope you get to snag one so we can be twinners!  Thanks for celebrating 2014 with me you guys! Come back later in the week to see what my One Little Word for 2015 is gonna' be!

TaDa T-Shirt

Diamond Midi Ring

– XOXO –