After making the physical transformation of a lifetime, Jamie was ready to lose just a little more weight… off her head! Ha! (You see what I did there?)

We took about 9 inches off her length and added lots of layers for a fun, spunky pixie with a little bit of a longer bang. With this beauty’s naturally wavy hair, her new ‘do not only shows off her recently slimmed face, but is such a low maintenance cut. Hello extra sleep! Love how this pretty lady’s long hair to edgy pixie transformation turned out. View the video for the all the details on my latest installment of Pixie Parade!

I hope you liked watching this long to short hair transformation. I love doing stuff like this and my favorite part is probably getting random text from Jaime of her in her new cut exclaiming how much she loves the way she looks. Love you Jaime, so happy you love your hair!