This week I have been so honored to be a part of a huge movement ignited by none other than weight loss specialist,  TV Star, and inspirational blogger, Heidi Powell!

Through years of experience guiding individuals on their personal transformation journeys as well as her own battle with self-acceptance, Heidi has gained a huge amount of knowledge and inspiration that she so graciously shares with her readers.

Today, it's my turn to share and the timing couldn't be more perfect! Not only am I sharing what Perfectly Imperfect means to me on Heidi's blog, but I am also launching a project I have working on for a very long time. Live on my site now is the first of many video series designed to help you guys grow your businesses and strengthen your self-confidence.

Before I get carried away talking about any of that I want to share my segment for Heidi's Perfect Imperfect series. Watch the video:

If you haven't started following Heidi's Perfectly Imperfect series, run,  don't walk, to to catch up on her blog. I can't tell you how much I respect this girl and love her passion and sincere kindness. ‘m so happy we  have become such good friends so I can learn from her and laugh with her.

Also, you know I will be rocking my Perfectly Imperfect shirt all the live long day. If you feel inspired by this series I hope you snag a shirt from and wear it too to help spread the word for this incredible movement.

Cents of Style is currently selling these shirts in both black and white! Wear yours and send the message – we are all perfect… perfectly imperfect!

Perfectly Imperfect Shirt

If you are like me and you love a daily dose of inspiration and motivation then you will love following Heidi. I love how positive she is and also how shockingly honest she is in her sharing. Heidi knows how to keep it real. Also, her and her husband Chris Powell are absolutely adorable together and I love it when they share advice and tips together. In short, you should be following Heidi because I love her which means you will likely lover her too.

Lastly, you all should go check out my new online course in my Hello You series since today is the official launch and all of you are getting the whole course for FREE! It's the first of many courses to come both for personal development and for businesses. I hope to take the life lessons that I have learned and mix them with a little bit of others experience to help mentor and inspire anyone needed a little pick-me-up, whether professional or personal.

In this first course I teach my “beauty” recipe that I have concocted after working with other women for years to help them each discover their style, ambitions, and confidence. I hope the first course, 5 Ingredients to Cultivate Beauty and Confidence, will be just the right jump start to rediscover everything that you love about you. I can't wait to hear what you guys think and to get your response and feedback.

Thank you for always supporting  and encouraging me. You are my favorite!