I spent a few days staring up at the blank space in my office left behind by the great shelf crash of 2014, inspiration finally hit smack dab in the middle of a late night work session while I watched my Plaid Print Jamberry nails clicking the keyboard.

The idea was too good and too simple to wait until morning, I had to stop mid-work and try this idea out.

Sometimes what I think are good ideas in my head turn out to be total flops in reality. A few large canvases I had laying around + a bit of black paint and brushes  +  some Jamberry nail inspiration = plaid print wall art!  #TaDa! You guys this DIY is so easy, I did it in under 20 mins. Pure impulsiveness and 20 mins of my time for a new, huge piece of home art! You're welcome wall!

DIY Plaid Print Wall Art


  • 2 Plain White Canvases, whatever size fits your fancy (hint – you can find these bad boys super cheap at Michael’s if you keep your eyes pealed for one of their 40% off coupons!)
  • Paint – I did mine in black but of course they could be done in any color scheme. You could even try a red + green + gold theme for some quick Christmas decor!
  • 3 Paintbrushes in Varying Widths – 1 large, 1 medium, 1 small.


Okay, I’ll be perfectly honest, I was pretty lazy with this project – no measuring or tracing lines at all. Like I said, this was a completely impromptu project, I just eyeballed everything, occasionally glancing at my fancy plaid nails for more inspo and went for it! A few things I learned along the way:

  • Paint all of your vertical lines first and horizontal lines second
  • Start with your fattest brush first, moving on to medium width second, and last but not least your skinniest brush
  • After all your initial lines are added go through again and add a few smaller lines as desired

Do-it-yourself Plaid Canvas

Painting the Plaid Canvas Decor

DIY Plaid Print Wall Project

I hope you enjoyed this Plaid Print Wall Art. This project was so quick and can be done so many different ways to coordinate with the themes and look of your home. If you give this DIY a try, make sure to tag me in your photos (@whippycake) or hash tag #whippycake, I would love to see your designs!